Powershell 201 - On Demand

Price: $199.00

Presented by Paul Robichaux

Running Time: 105 minutes


PowerShell 201 offers a set of technical presentations that build on PowerShell 101, three introductory PowerShell presentations that were offered previously. The three PowerShell 201 sessions delve into more complicated scripting topics. You will come away from the PowerShell 201 series with advanced scripting knowledge and increased comfort with writing complicated scripts.


Session 1: Decisions and flow Control

PowerShell is designed to allow you to run commands interactively or as part of larger scripts. In this session, we’ll cover how to use PowerShell’s built-in tools for making decisions based on the results of commands and how to execute commands a set number of times or until a preset condition changes. With these skills, you’ll be able to make more complicated scripts.


Session 2: Displaying and Formatting Data

PowerShell offers a wealth of commands to help you work directly with Exchange objects, but did you know that it also includes flexible tools for formatting and displaying data? In this session, you’ll learn how to format and display data as lists or tables; how to sort and group output from PowerShell commands, and how to select the attributes that are displayed as part of your results.


Session 3: Importing and Exporting Data

If you remember Exchange 5.5, you’ve probably wished for easy tools to import and export data from Exchange 2007. PowerShell includes the native ability to import and export data in CSV and XML formats. This session covers how to use these abilities to create mailboxes in bulk, make mass attribute changes, and produce nicely formatted XML and HTML reports from statistical data generated by PowerShell scripts.


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