How do you feel about telemetry delivery services in System Center Configuration Manager 1511?

There’s been a lot of back-and-forth about the amount and types of telemetry data that Microsoft gathers with Windows 10. Personally, I sit on the side where I believe that the data Microsoft receives is intended to make our lives better. I sat in Redmond a couple days last year and watched the telemetry services demoed and explained. Our data is never sifted through manually, by human hands – it’s all delivered en masse and essentially queried by robots.

There are those, though, that consider anything and everything to be some sort of conspiracy to breakdown our privacy safeguards and to callous us into freely sharing our personal data. What’s most ironic about this is that these same people use Gmail.

Did you know that this type of telemetry retrieval is being built into ALL Microsoft products? Take for example that latest version of System Center Configuration Manager (1511) released just last month. Did you know that it, too, sends telemetry data back to Microsoft?

Aaron Czechowski, Microsoft Senior PM, said recently:

If you want us to fix bugs which affect you and test against scenarios like yours, send the data. If not, don't complain when things break.

How do you feel about this? Is telemetry data services in ConfigMgr 1511 a good thing? Bad thing? Scary thing? A “meh” thing?

Let us know…

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on Jan 11, 2016

As long as it is used to enhance the product AND there is transparency on what is being retrieved and sent, I see no issue with it.

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