In addition to the normal Touchpad gestures available for the original Touch and Type Covers released for the Surface V1, the new, Surface V2 covers offer additional gestures.

The new gestures:

·         Open charms: Swipe in from the right edge of the touchpad

·         View open apps: Swipe in from the left edge of the touchpad

·         Zoom the screen in and out: Just like onscreen, make a pinch and stretching motion with your fingers on the touchpad.

The original Touchpad gestures still work with the V2 covers, as well. Those are:

·         Moving the mouse pointer: Drag a finger across the touchpad

·         Left mouse click: Make a tap with a single finger on the touchpad

·         Right mouse click: Make a tap using two fingers on the touchpad. (in an app, this also shows the app's command bar)

·         Left mouse click and drag: Depress and hold the left touchpad button and drag a single finger across the touchpad

·         Scroll the screen: Slide two fingers up and down on the touchpad