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Active Directory is the cornerstone of many networks and with Windows Server 2012 on the horizon, an upgrade to Active Directory is a topic to begin contemplating. We’ll kick off this event by looking at the multitude of new features in the Windows Server 2012 Active Directory release. With the future under control, we’ll take a look at a couple of common holes in Active Directory implementations at organizations small and large: security and disaster recovery.

One of the most common threats to a healthy and stable directory is a rash of administrators and applications with far too much access to Active Directory. To solve this problem, we’ll dive in to delegating granular permissions inside the directory. There is little that actually requires membership in one of the broad-reaching security groups like Domain Admins, and at the end of this event, you’ll be equipped to hand out exactly the permissions required and nothing more.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with a topic nobody wants to think about—disaster recovery. Active Directory is the foundation for many networks, and without it, business is likely to come grinding to a halt. We’ll talk about planning, how to restore if something bad happens, and the new Active Directory Recycle Bin feature that can make restoring deleted objects a snap.


Session 1: What's New in Windows Server 2012 Active Directory?

Windows Server 2012 is a monumental release for Active Directory. In this session, we’ll discuss all of the new features from virtualization to deployment and management to security so you can start thinking about how the upgrade will benefit your organization. We’ll discuss virtualization features like domain controller cloning, the new way to build domain controllers, and the all new security model: Dynamic Access Control.


Session 2: Mastering Active Directory Security Permissions Delegation

Active Directory has one of the most granular permissions models around and with a few fundamentals you’ll be well on your way to delegating tasks and privileges without fear of giving away the keys to the kingdom. In this session, we’ll look at the fundamental constructs of Active Directory’s permission delegation model. You’ll leave with common examples in hand to get you on your way to mastering Active Directory delegation.


Session 3: Active Directory Disaster Recovery

For many organizations, Active Directory is the cornerstone of the network. Keeping the directory online and healthy is only half the battle. What if something happens and you need to restore from backup or recover accidentally deleted objects? In this session, we’ll look at what you need to know in order to be prepared, as well as look at the Active Directory Recycle Bin and how it helps mitigate many of the most common Active Directory disaster scenarios.



Brian Desmond is senior consultant with Moran Technologies. He has been a Microsoft MVP for Directory Services since 2003 and is the author of Active Directory, 4th Edition from O’Reilly. Desmond is an Active Directory and Exchange focused consultant leading and delivering on projects primarily for large enterprise (40K – 500K seat) customers. His website can be found at


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