Systems Management in a New Era of IT

We live in a new and ever-changing world of IT. Technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, ushering in such advancements as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the many faces of cloud computing, the rise of virtualized infrastructures, and Big Data. These new realities also mean that your users are evolving drastically, demanding more from their systems and devices—and demanding more from YOU!

This new era of IT means you're facing a plethora of challenges that you never thought you'd face.

· Are all of your organization’s devices no longer safely under the same network? Do you now have to manage devices inside and outside the firewall?
·Do your users require 100 percent uptime and secure access, no matter where they or their devices are?
·Do you still rely on siloed solutions, which hamper your efforts to collaborate and treat all devices equally?
·Do you have deep concerns about the vulnerability of your operating systems and applications in this new reality?

Join Jim Frey, Vice President of Research Network Management for analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), now On Demand, and learn the best ways to address these challenges.

You will come away from this web seminar armed with the following:

· A way to streamline and automate your IT services, through a platform that can be leveraged seamlessly across all IT disciplines.
· A plan for enabling cross-team collaboration driving toward service orientation in IT operations.
· A method for integrating and converging management tools, technologies, and practices.
· A plan to unify infrastructure management into a single web-based platform.
· A way to make your systems more secure, your IT staff more productive and more proactive, your services more reliable, and your results easier to validate.
· A method for providing extremely high levels of security—and ease of use—in a one-stop management platform.