You architected well, deployed with care but unfortunately this does not mean your users are having a great experience as they access services from all over the globe. This event will look at how to maximize end-user satisfaction through the deployment of unified monitoring so if there is a problem you know about it before it affects your users. Attendees of this event will learn:

  • What needs to be monitored to ensure full insight into Microsoft solutions and how
  • How to troubleshoot problems once identified to minimize end-user impact
  • Learning lessons from problems to ensure they don’t happen again

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John Savill is a Windows technical specialist, an 11-time MVP, and an MCSE for Private Cloud and Server Infrastructure 2012. He's also ITIL certified and a CISSP. John is the author of the popular FAQ for Windows and a senior contributing editor to Windows IT Pro, as well as the author of Microsoft Virtualization Secrets (Wiley) and Mastering Hyper-V 2012 R2 with System Center and Azure (Wiley). John's blog is available at Savilltech.com.

Megan Assarrane is the Product Marketing Manager at Ipswitch. With nearly a decade of B2B Marketing experience, Megan has contributed to the success of numerous software companies through market research, inbound marketing, online demand generation and other areas. At Ipswitch, Megan is responsible for developing core product messaging – working closely with the company’s internal sales and product teams.

Prior to joining Ipswitch, Megan held marketing positions as ARCHIBUS, ClickSoftware and several other technology companies. Additionally, she holds a Bachelors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University.

Greg Trexler has 20 years of experience in developing, marketing and managing products and services for network, communications and applications management. He’s been with Ipswitch for the past three years, currently as a Sr. Product Manager for APM.