While Microsoft isn't exactly fighting for supremacy of the mobile phone industry, they'd like to draw your attention to the fight that is going on – between everyone else. In this latest commercial, Microsoft highlights the struggle going on between diehard iPhone and Android users.

A back-and-forth "hey, mine is better than yours" turns into a wedding brawl and ends with a commercial for the Nokia Lumia 920. I'm just waiting for the day when someone releases a commercial pitting the Lumia against the HTC Windows Phones.  I've used both the Lumia and the HTC 8x and personally believe the HTC wins hands-down. There are numerous others (including a lot of Microsoft employees) who believe the same.

I'm surprised there's no cameo by a lone BlackBerry user.

Anyway, take a look through this latest video. Not quite as good as a Saturday afternoon Kung Fu Theater showing, but it will make you smile.