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One of our systems administrators ran into a problem creating Exchange 2000 Server mailboxes. She was working from a Windows XP workstation that was running all the appropriate administrative tools, but she kept getting the error messages Error: Updating attributes and The specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted.

My first assumption was that her account didn't have sufficient permissions, but I soon discovered that it held the necessary Exchange Administrator permissions. I looked in the event log for further clues and found event ID 15, which relates to an autoenrollment failure. I quickly surmised that networking problems were the culprit, but several attempts to find configuration problems yielded nothing. I tried disabling her firewall—to no avail. I was stumped.

I decided to take a final run through her workstation settings. When I did, I noticed that her workstation was joined to a Windows NT domain rather than the native-mode Windows 2000 domain in which Active Directory (AD) and Exchange reside. We joined her workstation to the AD domain. Problem solved: She could create the mailboxes.