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Applications are key to the success of every organization and you need solutions that can adapt and deliver to your changing demands. Whether it be database transaction processing, data analytics, or other demanding applications, response times matter.  During this webinar we will focus on new Server and Flash technologies from Dell that will enable you to deliver at the speed required by today’s demanding users. 

Following this webcast you will:

  • Understand how new technology advances are enabling today’s large demanding applications
  • How you can do more with less utilizing the new Dell R920 4 Socket Platform
  • Learn how Dell is going beyond  the server to enable high performance/low latency applications with Fluid Cache for SAN.

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Michael Kimble has been with Dell for 16 years and is currently a Marketing Director in the Enterprise Solutions group focused on optimizing IT across the enterprise and driving greater efficiencies. Prior to his current position he spent time in sales and technology roles. He holds a B.S. in Finance and Economics from the University of Central Florida.

Chris Christian has worked for Dell’s Enterprise Solutions Product Group focusing on emerging Blade server technologies since 2010. Previously, Chris joined Dell’s Global 500 Technical Sales division in 2005 after serving as Director of Information Systems for a Web development and design company for the previous 4 years. Upon receiving his degree in Business Analysis with specialization in the Management of Information Systems from Texas A&M in 1995, Chris started working as a Knowledge Engineer for Computer Sciences Corporation working with rule-based Inference Engines to produce 4th generation AI Enterprise applications. In total, Chris has more than 18 years of hands on experience in the IT industry, including enterprise and data center consulting, Web development and design, and application programming and analysis.