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Office 365: Introduction to SharePoint Online Development - On Demand

Presented by Corey Roth

SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite, offers a great developer story in the cloud. Through the use of sandboxed solutions, you can deploy highly customized solutions using Visual Studio 2012.

Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools - On Demand

Presented by Mark Russinovich

This session provides an overview of several Sysinternals tools, including Process Monitor, Process Explorer, and Autoruns, focusing on the features useful for malware analysis and removal. These utilities enable deep inspection and control of processes, file system and registry activity, and autostart execution points.

Migrating SharePoint Solutions to Apps for SharePoint - On Demand

Presented by Sonya Koptyev

There are many business scenarios and solutions that have been built on the SharePoint 2010 platform that are critical to customers. As companies, partners, and solution providers look to move to the SharePoint 2013 platform, these solutions should be reimagined to leverage the new cloud app model and apps for SharePoint.

Top 10 New ECM Features in SharePoint 2013 - On Demand

Presented by John Holliday

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features in SharePoint have steadily improved with each new release of the platform. In this session, we'll explore the top 10 new ECM features that have been added to SharePoint 2013, with an emphasis on "new." The session will include demos that showcase real-world examples of how each feature can be used to enhance the overall user experience when working with email, collaborative documents, and official records.

Encryption in SQL Server - On Demand

Presented by Steve Jones

Securing your data is becoming increasingly important for data professionals. This session will cover the encryption features available in SQL Server to help you better secure data. Transparent Data Encryption, symmetric keys, asymmetric keys, and hashing functions will be covered in a number of demos.

Debugging the Web with Fiddler - On Demand

Presented by Ido Flatow

Every web developer needs to see what goes on "in the wire," whether it is a jQuery call from JavaScript, a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service call from a client app, or a simple GET request for a web page. With Fiddler, the most famous HTTP sniffer, this is simple enough to do. Fiddler is more than just a sniffer.

Exchange Server 2013 Unified Messaging Deep Dive - On Demand

Presented by Paul Robichaux

The architectural and feature changes in Exchange 2013 extend across all of the server roles from previous versions. The Unified Messaging (UM) role is gone, but its features live on. In this session, UM expert Paul Robichaux will guide you through the architectural changes that split UM functionality between the Mailbox and Client Access server roles, discuss feature improvements and changes in the 2013 version of UM, and highlight how to design a cost-effective and efficient UM system to get Exchange voicemail and telephone answering deployed for your users.

Exchange Online: Real-World Migration Challenges and Solutions - On Demand

Presented by Steve Goodman

Make sure your migration to Exchange Online is a success. In this session, we will look at the options available when migrating, and we'll examine the technical challenges you'll need to overcome depending on which route you choose.

Deploying Your Office in the Cloud with Office 365 - On Demand

Presented by Adnan Hendricks

Office 365 ProPlus wows us by introducing Click-to-Run installation. In this session, you'll dive into the deployment of Office 365 ProPlus. You'll also look at the Office management features to keep track of ProPlus deployment health.

SQL Server Table Partitioning from the Ground Up - On Demand

Presented by Denny Cherry

In this session, we will explore the SQL Server table partitioning features that were introduced in SQL Server 2008. We'll look at how to create partitioned tables and indexes, as well as the internals of the table. We'll also discuss how to move data from one partition to another and from one table to another with minimal to no impact on users. Understanding these techniques will help you improve query performance and reduce downtime when loading and pruning data.

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