Virtualization usage within organizations is at an all-time high and this trend will only continue as organizations

  •  become more comfortable with virtualization technologies,
  •  look at moving beyond the “low hanging fruit” that was easy to virtualize,
  • and look at more of their enterprise and line-of-business applications.

In this technical advisor written by John Savill, we’ll look at how key technologies can help organizations continue their virtualization efforts and move past stalls that often hit IT departments once virtualization of the low hanging fruit is complete. Most importantly, we’ll look at how to ensure your virtualized environments are protected and made highly available. We’ll also look at how virtualization and complementary technologies can be an enabler for high availability and disaster recovery for the entire IT infrastructure, beyond just the virtualized environments. By the end of this paper, you’ll understand new ways to simplify virtualizing your IT environment and once your environment is virtualized, how to keep it protected, and how to leverage virtualization to reduce DR costs and maximize availability for both physical and virtual environments.