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Jul 24, 2015

IT Innovators: How to Determine How Much Software-Defined Storage You Need

The Software-Defined Storage Design Calculator is a useful tool to help users determine how much SDS they really need....More
Jul 17, 2015

Is Your Home Network Resume-Worthy?

The IT industry really rewards hands-on experience. The skills you develop on a home network are absolutely transferrable to a business environment and they’ll give you a leg up on candidates competing for the same IT role....More
Jun 29, 2015

Risks of Running Windows Server 2003 Beyond End-Of-Life: It's Time to Act. What's Your Action Plan? 1

Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life (EOL) is just weeks away and millions of servers are still running on this operating system. Are you certain what migration path is right for your business? What happens to performance, security and compliance requirements when Microsoft stops supporting your operating system? There is no time to lose – you must define your migration strategy and act now to protect your business. Know the risks, key things to consider, and your migration options....More
Jun 29, 2015

Do We Really Need Microsoft Support Anyway?

Based on the cost of extended support agreements, companies wonder “do we really need vendor support, or should we just keep running the older software without paying for support?”...More
Jun 23, 2015

Reduce your number of open support tickets with a monthly newsletter

There are a few ways to deal with problem users. Tossing them out the window is the obvious answer, but prisons are overcrowded as it is and they have terrible Wi-Fi (so I hear). Instead, why not spend some time proactively trying to educate and update users on everything IT? If they knew a little more, wouldn’t they be more capable of handling things on their own and free you up for the big things?...More
May 19, 2015

Office 365 Groups – Allowing users to collaborate.

Providing ways to empower employees in the enterprise to collaborate has always presented quite the challenge. Microsoft made the point abundantly clear at Microsoft Ignite, that Groups are now the glue that can bring users, business information, and enterprise applications together to increase productivity....More
May 18, 2015

Best Practices for Repurposing Old Hardware

It’s a little concerning. Hardware failure is common and it might make you wonder why you’d ever use old hardware at all. If a piece of equipment is past its prime, are you tempting fate by continuing to use it? How long before you can reasonably expect something to continue without problems? Here are some things to consider before repurposing old hardware....More
Apr 24, 2015

When Does Complex Security Turn into a Liability?

Active Directory can be configured in a fashion that supports segregation between divisions to meet legal and ethical requirements. Segregation, however, can lead to complexity. And when does complexity begin to reduce the security of an environment?...More
Apr 21, 2015

Building a killer home network and lab

As we note, a home network can be your dream network. Sure, there are budget considerations (virtualization can counteract some of them), but unlike a business, there aren’t many other constraints, and your biggest barrier is really your own imagination. Plus, the killer home network you build can show future employers a lot about your tenacity and ability to create something great. Even if it’s on a smaller scale, it still speaks volumes about what you’re capable of and also proves that you don’t just work in IT, you live in IT....More
Apr 20, 2015

Why Windows Endpoint Backup is important!

If you are an IT professional that has been around for a long period of time, and if you had or still have to manage endpoints (workstations and laptops). You know of at least 1, if not more, fantastic stories about end-users losing their computer....More
Apr 6, 2015

3 Ways to install Hyper-V: Which is best? 2

Hyper-V is one of those technologies that can exist a number of different ways. In fact, I have had many discussions with people about which way to have Hyper-V installed. The most interesting part is that we get some different answers as to which is the best way to install Hyper-V....More
Mar 6, 2015

Office 365 Subscribers: Keep those deleted items! An MVP’s Take

On February 20th the Office 365 team introduced a change to the email retention period for deleted items in Exchange Online. Now, the retention period for the Deleted Items folder has been extended indefinitely. I’m sure the Office 365 support teams come across irate customers on a daily basis that simply do not understand about the intended purpose of the Deleted Items folder and retention polices. What does this change mean?...More
Mar 2, 2015

Mastering patch management: 5 tips that will work for you

There’s no debating IT pros are stretched thin. Likewise, there’s no debating that patch management, while a mundane job, is a business priority. ControlNow Security Lead Ian Trump offers five easy tips to help IT pros better handle this priority....More
Jan 26, 2015

Why the 3-2-1 backup rule STILL makes sense 1

In the IT world, some rules are always changing.  It’s good to remember, however, that some rules are timeless because they still make A LOT of sense! The 3-2-1 backup rule is a great example. The 3-2-1 backup rule can help you overcome nearly any failure scenario if you follow it. The 3-2-1 backup rule implies that you should:...More
Jan 26, 2015

Multi-factor authentication serves and protects

User authentication plays a central role in password resetting. Passwords are still the most popular user authentication method even though they are proven to be notoriously weak due to the fact that they are managed by people – the weakest link in the security chain. Its human nature to choose weak passwords that can be remembered easily, however such passwords can also be easily hacked.  ...More
Jan 22, 2015

Would Einstein say your method for IT management is insane?

Are you familiar with Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity? One can make the case it applies to IT pros that haven’t embraced centralized IT management – a game-changer that can transform your business.  But first, a quick refresher: Einstein said insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” ...More
Dec 18, 2014

Top 2014 cyberattacks attacks and how to avoid them in 2015

2014 saw a host of cyberattacks and their difficult-to-manage consequences. Let us take a look at those infamous incidents and learn what we can do to mitigate the risks in the coming year....More
Dec 15, 2014

Eight Email Faux Pas That Need to Die

Sponsored Blog When email is something we use every day, it’s easy to miss some of the silly things we do that prevent us from using it as effectively as possible, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Skipping the basics like forgotten attachments, this list covers email usage crimes you might not even know you’re committing. Attaching the wrong thing...More
Dec 15, 2014

No laughing matter: Why your company’s IT security isn’t a joke

Sponsored Blog Have you taken a few minutes to read about the recent North Korean hack of Sony Pictures? Once you’ve been sufficiently amused by the leaked digital dust-ups that involved top Tinseltown executives, there’s really only one conclusion you can draw.  It’s not funny at all.  Sure, the name-calling and posturing was mildly entertaining. But the hack is no laughing matter: Today’s threat landscape is Hollywood horror film scary. ...More
Nov 25, 2014

Strength in numbers: Why layered network protection is priority

Cybercriminals are relentless in their efforts to cash in by compromising your network. It’s a reality that’s unlikely to change for the better. That’s why your approach to security needs to change, Marc Thaler writes....More
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