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Jun 4, 2013

Comparing results from different calculators is a fool's game (and Exchange 2010 SP3 RU1) 2

  I guess that it was inevitable that people would rush to use the Exchange 2013 server role requirements calculator and compare its output to the results generated by the Exchange 2010 mailbox server calculator. And of course, the results do not match. Not by a long way, because Exchange 2013 uses a different architecture than its predecessor and because server hardware has different capabilities than it had when Exchange 2010 was designed....More
May 30, 2013

Using an Office 365 free trial domain to test software

The natural approach when wanting to try out new technology is to set up some test computers.This is the right approach in many situations as it is the best way to verify that technology will actually work in your environment.But if youjust want to find out how technology works, perhaps running a quick test on a cloud platform will do the job. In this case, I used a Office 365 trial domain to test the latest Wave 15 server applications....More
May 28, 2013

The demise of the infamous FSW warning

A number of interesting tweaks have been made to Exchange 2013's high availability capabilities in CU1, including the long-overdue eradication of the infamous warning that Exchange has insufficient permission to access a DAG's File Share Witness. All good stuff!...More
May 23, 2013

UC Architects make a splash with their new Windows Phone App 2

It's nice to have some help to filter the mass of information that we have to cope with on a daily basis. The fine people known as "the UC Architects" have made a Windows Phone app available. Those of you who insist on using i* devices or Android can use their podcast feed. And there's more because Microsoft has updated its RSS feed for Exchange. All good stuff!...More
May 21, 2013

The rather splendid Exchange 2013 server calculator 5

The old adage is that you wait forever for a bus and then two come along in quick succession. So it is with Exchange 2013 hardware planning tools with the May 6 article on performance planning methodology being followed by by a May 14 release of an updated mailbox role calculator. All seems well and there's lots of goodness in the Excel-driven calculator. But do remember to engage your brain as recommendations derived by software are not always (or ever) perfect....More
May 16, 2013

Migration challenges await in City of Boston's transition to Gmail 3

Microsoft lost its most recent fight with Google as the City of Boston decided to move from Exchange to Gmail and Google Docs. I see some challenges ahead to migrate Microsoft Office documents to Google Docs but the most interesting question that arises from this situation is why Microsoft failed to win with Office 365. After all, when you are the incumbent, it's hard to lose. Isn't it?...More
May 14, 2013

New email features from Microsoft and Google prove the worth of competition

  Apropos to my recent post about the importance of the competition that has occurred between Google and Microsoft in the evolution of email since the introduction of Gmail in April 2004, two other recent developments by Google seem worthy of positive comment....More
May 9, 2013

Configuring site mailboxes: a candidate for automation 2

Exchange 2013 supports site mailboxes, a new way of document-centric collaboration that bridges the gap between Exchange and SharePoint. To use site mailboxes, you need to deploy SharePoint 2013 alongside Exchange 2013 and use Outlook 2013 as the client. Outlook is clever enough to mask the join marks between the email items stored and managed by Exchange and the documents held in SharePoint, with each site mailbox using a form of shared mailbox in Exchange and a SharePoint site. So good so far and we’re off to a new era of collaborative bliss – or maybe not....More
May 7, 2013

The curious lack of Exchange 2013 hardware planning tools

Exchange 2010 has a great mailbox server role calculator available to help plan server configurations. Yet eight months after its release, Microsoft still has not updated its tools to support Exchange 2013. What's going on and why might this be so? Perhaps it's the nature of the changes that have been made to Exchange 2013. What's for sure is that you will need to equip servers with more memory......More
May 2, 2013

Exchange Connections - Calling all speakers

Las Vegas in October - conference time again. But with a difference - Exchange Connections is back and it's going to be packed with insightful and practical information about Exchange and its surrounding ecosystem. Opportunities exist for speakers and you can submit session ideas until May 14. It should be great fun!...More
Apr 30, 2013

Why Exchange 2013 asks you to restart the Information Store after creating a new database 4

You might be surprised when the Exchange Administration Center or the Exchange Management Shell prompt to restart the Information Store service after you create a new mailbox database. It's a side effect of the new memory management model used by Exchange 2013's Managed Store....More
Apr 25, 2013

MRMAPI, the Little Brother of MFCMAPI 2

You've probably heard of MFCMAPI, a very useful program in the hands of any administrator who wants to learn just what's stored in an Exchange mailbox. MRMAPI is less well known, but it is also pretty useful for other reasons....More
Apr 23, 2013

First tests of Exchange 2013 on Azure point to the future? 2

The first test deployments of Exchange 2013 on Windows Azure makes you think about just how far we have come with virtualized Exchange in the last eight years or so. And where we might be heading......More
Apr 18, 2013

Microsoft and Google War Over First Ajax Webmail

Google claims they were the first webmail client based on Ajax but Microsoft's Outlook Web Access was Ajax-based in Exchange 2003. But the competition has moved the state of email far in a short time....More
Apr 16, 2013

Blocking OWA access for a user is a problem for Exchange 2013 CU1 2

Some people like to track the stream of knowledge base articles as they are released by Microsoft. I do not, possibly because there always seems to be better things to do such as write blog entries. So I am grateful to those of you who pointed out KB2835562, otherwise known as “You can't disable Outlook Web App (OWA) access for users in Office 365 or on-premises Exchange Server”....More
Apr 11, 2013

Individual fix for Exchange soft delete problem proves worth of support contracts 4

Microsoft now has individual fixes for the soft-delete bug that affects Outlook clients configured in online mode for certain items that contain voicemail or PDF attachments. The fixes are only available to customers who have support contracts, proving once again that support contracts are a necessity for most companies that use Exchange....More
Apr 9, 2013

Microsoft announces MEC 2014 will be in Austin

Building on their original teaser that announced the next iteration of the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) would be held in 2014 rather than a year after last September's event in Orlando, Microsoft has revealed that the location of the next MEC will be Austin, Texas from March 31 to April 2, 2014....More
Apr 9, 2013

Managing groups with groups in Exchange 2013 CU1

  One of the small but very welcome changes made in Exchange 2013 CU1 is the reintroduction of support for “groups managing groups”. This feature was supported in previous versions of Exchange but was removed in Exchange 2010. Microsoft published some workarounds to help companies migrating to Exchange 2010 cope with the problem. The net effect was a real mess....More
Apr 4, 2013

Installing Exchange 2013 CU1 on DAG member servers - some care and maintenance mode required 3

Installing a cumulative update for Exchange 2013 can't be all that difficult - or can it? Well, it depends if mailbox servers are deployed inside a Database Availability Group. If they are, then you have to take some more care because DAG members need to be put into maintenance mode before they are upgraded as otherwise Exchange's Managed Availability system will get upset......More
Apr 2, 2013

Exchange 2013 CU1: The software that RTM could have been 1

  The first cumulative update for Exchange 2013 (CU1) has arrived. The new release can be installed using a “build to build” (B2B) upgrade if you already have Exchange 2013 RTM in place. Otherwise you can simply install Exchange 2013 CU1 and use it as your starting point for Exchange 2013. An Active Directory schema update is required to support Exchange 2013 CU1. This is a different version to the schema update released with Exchange 2010 SP3....More
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