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Apr 29, 2014

Exchange 2013 is a resource hog - no surprise there 6

Each time a new version Exchange appears, we have a debate about the escalating hardware requirements. Everyone gets very upset that the new software demands more memory, more CPU, more disk, and possibly more knowledge on the part of those who work with the product. The same cycle of realization, debate, and condemnation (of Microsoft, because their software costs so much money to deploy) has happened since Exchange 4.0 appeared in 1996....More
Apr 24, 2014

Why installing a multirole Exchange 2013 server is the best option 1

Many years ago, Microsoft came down from the mount and proclaimed the goodness of individual server roles....More
Apr 22, 2014

Value simplicity above complexity in Exchange designs, deployments, and operations 2

One of the subtle but persistent topics taken up by many Microsoft speakers at the recent Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) was the need to eliminate complexity in implementation. Clearly a feeling exists within the denizens of Redmond that customers get their Exchange deployments wrong too often because they insist on over-complicating matters. There’s probably a fair degree of truth here as IT designers, administrators, and consultants do love to engineer complexity into solutions....More
Apr 17, 2014

Best practice evolves as knowledge transfers from Office 365 to on-premises Exchange

 If you attended the recent Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin with a focus on some of the high availability sessions, you might have come away with two clear changes to what has been well-accepted best practice up to now. Of course, best practice is never static as it flexes and evolves in light of experience and changes in software and hardware, so it’s hardly surprising that the first Exchange conference in eighteen months might challenge some established ideas....More
Apr 15, 2014

DAG or server: A database's got to be owned somewhere

The bug reported by Paul Cunningham in his article “Exchange Server 2013 Error: An Inconsistency in the Active Directory Was Detected” describes a scenario when an attempt is made to create a new mailbox database only for Exchange to report an inconsistency in Active Directory. The error text indicates that MsExchMasterServerOrAvailabilityGroup property for the new database was invalid....More
Apr 11, 2014

Cherish old Exchange databases to avoid the pesky DatabaseGuidNotFound error

Since Microsoft released Exchange 2013 SP1 on February 25, a number of similar errors have been reported in different forums, all of which have the following characteristics: ·         User mailboxes are moved from Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013 SP1 databases. ·         The old databases are removed from the organization....More
Apr 10, 2014

Being open about Office 365 operations drives credibility of "the service" 2

I have used Office 365 since its launch in June 2011 and followed its development closely since. After two initial hiccups in August and September 2011, both seemingly rooted in manual intervention, the service has delivered an impressive record of reliability and availability. Despite this, some in the industry are still wary of moving utility applications such as email to the cloud....More
Apr 8, 2014

Office 365 transitions to Microsoft's own Message Encryption Technology

Office 365 customers who use Microsoft's Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE) service are about to be upgraded to Office 365 Message Encryption. Microsoft is doing a lot of the upgrade work in the background and the switch-over should be pretty painless....More
Apr 3, 2014

Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 finishes on a high 3

The Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin came to its natural end on Wednesday evening when sessions halted at 6PM. Some technical conferences go on a little too long and become an endurance course. I don’t think this happened at MEC because three days seemed to be the right length for attendees to be updated on the latest developments in the world of Exchange....More
Apr 2, 2014

Day 2 of MEC delivers great sessions, great content 1

The second day at the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin was possibly the best day of sessions and content that I have ever experienced at a Microsoft technical conference. That’s not a statement that I make easily, so let me explain my day and why I think it was so good....More
Apr 1, 2014

Understanding the messages from the Exchange Conference keynote

The keynote at the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin was a curious mixture of humor (the Greg Taylor and David Espinoza video), failed demos, low energy levels at times, announcements that were posted elsewhere before the keynote got to make them, and discussions of new technology....More
Mar 31, 2014

Wanted: Great speakers for Exchange Connections 2014

If you’re attending the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin this week, I’m sure that you are up to your neck in Exchange, Lync, and Office 365 content and the thought of presenting at another conference next September couldn’t be further from your mind....More
Mar 27, 2014

What to do (and what not to do) at the Microsoft Exchange Conference 1

The suitcase is packed (with too much stuff), the air tickets are confirmed, I have great hope that a hotel room will be waiting, and I’m off to the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin. The conference begins next Monday and I anticipate learning some new stuff over the following three days. At least, that’s the plan....More
Mar 25, 2014

Technology is so much easier when everyone shares their knowledge 6

I note that the avuncular Steve Goodman has posted an updated version of his well-respected Exchange environmental report, refreshed to deal with Exchange 2013 SP1. Don’t worry, this PowerShell script is well capable of dealing with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007 servers as well, which makes it a very valuable tool indeed....More
Mar 20, 2014

No warning about patch required for Exchange 2013 SP1 2

As we all know, the happiness around the release of Exchange 2013 SP1 on February 25 was quickly pierced by reports that third-party add-on products could not be installed with SP1 due to some formatting problems in two XML configuration files included in the kit....More
Mar 18, 2014

Exchange message tracing extended to 90 days in Office 365 - what about the on-premises version?

Listening to a call about the recent decision by Microsoft to support message tracing in Office 365 for up to 90 days, my mind wandered (as it does). Not, I hasten to add, because of any inadequacy on the part of the presenter, but more to consider the nature of message tracing and why we need it at all....More
Mar 13, 2014

Contemplating the RSS feed for Exchange Knowledge Base articles 2

The folks responsible for maintaining the RSS feed describing the latest Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for Exchange 2013 (or the equivalent feed for Exchange 2010) must share the high availability principle of multiple copies delivering the best service. What’s for sure is that they very much like publishing at least two copies of every article, if not three or four....More
Mar 11, 2014

Exchange's interesting document fingerprinting feature

After its introduction in Exchange 2013, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) never really impressed. Although the technology is an interesting extension of transport rules and Microsoft’s initial foray into the world of DLP (see this link for the EHLO blog post on the topic), it was limited by need to deploy Outlook 2013....More
Mar 10, 2014

Apple releases iOS 7.1 - Exchange administrators applaud (or not)

The news that Apple has released iOS 7.1 creates an opportunity for Exchange administrators to get ahead of any potential problems in the interaction between the iOS mail app and Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). The rule is simple – test the new release before your users upgrade their iPhones and iPads and check that everything works, including the usually problematic areas of calendaring....More
Mar 6, 2014

EMS command logging reappears in Exchange 2013 SP1

In January, I wrote about how you can use administrator auditing to gain some insight into the internal workings of the Exchange Administration Center (EAC). This is a somewhat unnatural replacement for the three methods available in the Exchange 2010 EMC to see the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) commands that the console executes to get work done....More
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