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Jun 25, 2015

VMware tells Microsoft that they don't know anything about Exchange 2013 performance 6

I always like it when technologists have a fight. Not a proper fight you understand, one with bare fists and the like, but a good old-fashioning mauling with words....More
Jun 23, 2015

The value of First Release to Office 365 tenants

As you probably know, Microsoft allows administrators to nominate tenants to participate in the "First Release" Office 365 program. The default is to remain with "Standard Release", which means that new functionality is released to your tenant when it's good and ready. Or as Microsoft puts it:...More
Jun 18, 2015

Using intelligent capture and analysis tools to eliminate PSTs

Returning to the topic of PSTs, but only because you can never have enough of these pestilent files, after I wrote about Microsoft’s new Office 365 import service, I had the chance to chat with some of the companies who are dedicated to tracking PSTs down....More
Jun 16, 2015

Exchange 2013 CU9 appears alongside roll-up updates for Exchange 2007 SP3 and Exchange 2010 SP3 2

It’s a sad but true fact that all computer software loses some of its “edginess” as its lifecycle progresses. When Exchange 2013 CU8 appeared on March 17, I called it a “boring” update because it included no major new functionality. On the other hand, CU8 exhibited none of the obvious problems in areas like coexistence and hybrid connectivity that had afflicted previous updates....More
Jun 11, 2015

Microsoft updates Exchange ActiveSync to ensure that mobile clients stay connected 1

The news that Microsoft is releasing a new version of the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol (16) into Office 365 might have passed you by. It certainly didn’t register on my radar (mostly because I don’t read the development blogs – I mean, how many blogs can one person follow?), but fortunately one of the other Exchange MVPs shared the information....More
Jun 9, 2015

How Exchange's new ever-expanding archive mailbox works

Microsoft’s announcement of their intention to enable a “truly bottomless archive” for Office 365 enterprise tenants might have created some curiosity as to how Microsoft intends to provide this feature. Apart from the massive increase in disk space, that is, because we all know that Office 365 wants to provide users with massive repositories....More
Jun 4, 2015

Granular administrative roles appear in Office 365

Since its launch, Office 365 has operated on the basis that tenant administrators control everything on behalf of a customer. If your account has administrator status, you can do anything, including being able to access information across different applications. This is an acceptable situation for small companies, but it’s a real problem for larger companies, especially those who want to move workload to the cloud from a point where administration of on-premises operations is broken down along clearly understood lines of demarcation....More
Jun 2, 2015

Managing user mailboxes to specific quotas with retention policies

A little while ago, some of the Exchange MVPs were discussing a company’s desire to have size-based archiving rather than the age-based archiving that retention policies are designed to accomplish. As you might recall, you can define a retention policy that includes tags that use the “Move to Archive” action to instruct the Managed Folder Assistant (MFA) to move items that come under the scope of the policy to an archive mailbox after the retention period elapses....More
May 28, 2015

ESEUTIL is now the evil utility

ESEUTIL has a long history with Exchange. A command-line utility that has clung magnificently to the same interface since Exchange 4.0, ESEUTIL used to be one of the go-to utilities for any administrator. But that was in the bad old days of single databases, flaky disks, and wholesale software bugs, a toxic combination that endowed ESEUTIL with almost magical powers of restoring any Exchange server to rude good health if applied with care....More
May 26, 2015

Microsoft claims 35% of Exchange installed base is now on Office 365 2

In an attempt to catch up with everything that happened at the recent Microsoft Ignite conference, I listened to the Channel 9 recording of a session called “Extending Microsoft Office 365 Visibility, Security and Compliance: Office 365 Management APIs”, which featured the interesting claim that 35% of the Exchange installed base is now on Office 365 (see graphic). The same presentation also stated that some 1.2 million customers now use Office 365....More
May 21, 2015

Updates make Office 365 Groups more useful 2

On Tuesday, I discussed how changes in engineering practices are driving innovation within Office 365. One of the more interesting areas is the use of Office 365 Groups to provide a single identity for access to applications and data drawn from across the service. Microsoft spent a lot of time discussing what they’re up to with Office 365 Groups at the recent Ignite conference....More
May 19, 2015

New engineering philosophies drive innovation within Office 365

Office 365 means different things to different people. Someone who moved from Exchange on-premises probably takes an email-centric view of Office 365 while those who now use it for SharePoint Online see Office 365 through a different lens. This is natural because each of us views the world from our own personal perspective....More
May 14, 2015

Eradicating EV stubs from Exchange mailboxes isn't easy 3

I was astonished at the reaction I received from last week’s post about the new Office 365 Import service and how Microsoft had Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) squarely in its cross-hairs in a crusade to repatriate information back from EV to Exchange. Many people contacted me to seek more details of the service (it’s available now to Office 365 tenants) or with questions. It is clear that a lot of data has been exported from Exchange over the years. And I mean a lot!...More
May 12, 2015

Why we shouldn’t care that Exchange 2016 really is Exchange 2013 SP2

The great and the good in the worlds of Exchange and SharePoint gathered together in the Signature Room on the 95th floor of Chicago’s Hancock Building on May 3 to celebrate the coming out of Exchange 2016 and SharePoint 2016. It was a nice night, full of discussion about our favorite product, and it was a fine start to the week of Ignite....More
May 8, 2015

Why the power of Office Graph and Delve frightened some Ignite attendees

I've been covering Office Delve since its release to Office 365 tenants last September and enjoyed watching how the application has evolved and learning the power of the underlying Office Graph technology....More
May 7, 2015

Microsoft declares war on Symantec Enterprise Vault and looks to bring back data into Exchange Online 2

Last week I discussed a new data import service that Microsoft has introduced to allow Office 365 customers to send PSTs to Microsoft datacenters for ingestion into the cloud. This week I sat in on an archiving session given by Dheepak Ramaswamy at the Ignite conference and learned some of the thinking and detail around the new capability....More
May 6, 2015

News about Data Loss Prevention for SharePoint Online revealed at Microsoft Ignite

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a feature that was first introduced in Exchange (2013 and Online) and is now in SharePoint Online (but not the on-premises version). I covered the initial news on this topic last year and took the chance at the Microsoft Ignite conference to find out had the functionality predicted then been realized in production....More
May 5, 2015

News from Ignite: How Exchange 2016 benefits by technology transfer from the cloud

Following their EHLO teaser from a few weeks back, Microsoft delivered a lot more information about what on-premises customers can expect in Exchange 2016 in roadmap and architecture sessions at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago today. The product is still tracking for a release towards the end of this calendar year and I expect to see it in October if previous release patterns are followed....More
May 5, 2015

Roadmap reveals potential for Office 365 Groups

Confirmation that Office 365 Groups occupy an important position in the overall fabric of the service came in an Ignite session that laid out a roadmap featuring new mobile clients, integrations with Delve and Dynamics CRM, and better management capabilities through PowerShell....More
May 4, 2015

Satya Nadella launches Microsoft Ignite 1

Microsoft Ignite is massive. Over 23,000 people have come together in Chicago to attend the technical event that replaces conferences such as TechEd, Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC), and the SharePoint Conference as the once-a-year update for technology professionals. I guess I must be in that category, which is why I ended up at the opening keynote headlined by CEO Satya Nadella this morning. The room was massive (apparently it took two full days to put out all the chairs) and was backed up by a pretty large overflow room that was also full....More
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