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Jul 17, 2016

Is Cloud Security a Pie-In-The-Sky?

A brief overview of the challenges in cloud security and how to get the most security cloud deployment....More
Aug 17, 2015

DEF CON, Grace Hopper and Women in InfoSec

A review of DEF CON 23 and Women in Information Security...More
May 21, 2014

After Heartbleed

After remediating Heartbleed, here is a simple step you can take to improve your webserver security...More
IT security collage
Dec 31, 2013

Top Ten Info-Security "Oops" Moments of 2013

Info-security expert, Tony Howlett recounts his list of top ten information security incidents of 2013, with lessons learned from each event....More
Military combat drone
Mar 18, 2013

I Don't Mean to Drone on, But...

How secure is the US military drone network from cyberattack?...More
Jul 29, 2012

DEFCON..for kids??

The iconic hackerfest now has a kids program...More
Jul 28, 2012

DEFCON Turns 20

My observations and ruminations from DEFCON 20...More
Jun 25, 2012

Securing Space - 25 Jun 2012

With the recent success of SpaceX private space vehicle, we can expect a rush to develop space technology. However, with this comes the danger of these companies inventions falling into the wrong hands......More
Dec 29, 2011

Top Three Trending Info-sec Issues for 2012 and Beyond

The top three trending issues that are facing info-sec managers today...More
Oct 2, 2011

Fearful Security 1

The author reviews the new autobiography of Kevin Mitnick, famed hacker, and draws lessons from it for IT managers and executives....More
Jul 16, 2011

Let Slip the Dogs of Cyberwar... 2

The Pentagon announced this week that future attacks on US government networks may be met with a stronger response....More
Jan 1, 2011

Top Ten InfoSecurity 'Opps" of 2010 3

Tony's Top Ten InfoSecurity Opps of 2010...More
Oct 1, 2010

This isn't funny anymore... 1

This isn't funny anymore.  Why I miss the hackers of yesteryear....More
Aug 3, 2010

Defcon Redux or Hacking the Gender Gap 5

Thoughts from Defcon and why we still have an Infosec gender gap....More
Jul 23, 2010

Facebook is the Borg... 2

Facebook is taking over our corporate networks.  Be aware of the bandwidth, security and productivity concerns that this site is introducing to your network. ...More
Feb 4, 2010

IT Security Wishlist for the 2010s 10

Ten for the “Tens” My InfoSec Wishlist for the decade...More
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Tony Howlett is CTO of Network Security Services, a network consulting firm. He is a CISSP and a GSNA.
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