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There’s a lot that can go wrong with any migration, especially with Active Directory. In this webinar, join AD expert Brian Desmond as he does a deep dive into the best practices you should follow when planning an AD migration. He will cover the challenges and things you need to watch out for and offer tips to resolve any potential obstacles that could block a successful outcome. Things to plan for when executing a migration, including

  • User Accounts
  • Desktop and Laptop Computer
  • Applications and Servers
  • Communication

Binary Tree will complement Brian’s best practice tips by discussing how to solve real world problems that many administrators are faced with during Active Directory migration projects. These topics include: 

  • Global address list between different organizations within a week
  • Providing an automated discovery and re-permissioning of all workstations (including remote)
  • Joining all remote computers to the target Active Directory domain without the reliance on a corporate VPN
  • Ensuring accuracy, auditing, logging, and compliance is met with directory synchronization efforts
  • Reducing the number of firewall ports that need to be opened up between the two networks due to security regulations

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Brian Desmond is a consultant focused on Identity and Access Management and Security solutions. With deep expertise in the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Cloud and Datacenter Management stacks, Brian has been recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft MVP since 2003. Brian is also the author of the 4th and 5th editions of O’Reilly’s Active Directory book. Based out of Chicago, Brian is available to help your organization meet their IT security and identity needs. You can contact Brian at

Justin Harris is a Program Manager with Binary Tree and has spent the last 18 years working with customers to help them migrate their Active Directory and messaging environments. He holds both the Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Master designation in Exchange.