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It’s been said that the Chinese ideogram for “crisis” is made up of two characters signifying “danger” and “opportunity.” Windows Server 2003 extended support ends on 14 July, 2015, and, if you’ve still got servers running the operating system deployed, the crisis you're facing can be both a danger and an opportunity. It is a danger because you’re at risk of security and perhaps even regulatory problems if you don’t move your organization’s applications and services off of a platform that will soon be unsupported. And it’s an opportunity because you’ve got a chance not only to move these workloads to a newer OS, but also an opportunity to virtualize those workloads, perhaps even moving them into the cloud. In this session, you’ll learn the challenges and risks of delaying your migration away from Windows Server 2003 to a newer operating system, what steps you can take to expedite the process, and how you can ensure that you won’t be faced with similar challenges when Windows Server 2008 inevitably reaches its end of support.

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Orin Thomas, MCITP, MCT, MVP is an author, trainer and regular public speaker who has authored more than 20 books for Microsoft Press. He is the convener of the Melbourne Security and Infrastructure Group His most recent books are on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Exchange Server 2010. Orin Thomas is a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and a Windows Security MVP. He has authored or coauthored more than a dozen books for Microsoft Press, and he writes the Hyperbole, Embellishment, and System Administration Blog.

Greg O'Connor is President and CEO of AppZero. Pioneering the Virtual Application Appliance approach to simplifying application migrations, he is responsible for translating AppZero's vision into strategic business objectives and financial results. O'Connor has over 25 years of management and technical experience in the computer industry. He was founder and president of Sonic Software, acquired in 2005 by Progress Software (PRGS). There he grew the company from concept to over $40 million in revenue. Follow him on Twitter @gregoryjoconnor.