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Rod Trent is the IT Community Manager for Windows IT Pro and He is a leading expert on Microsoft System Center and Cloud technologies and has more than 25 years of IT experience. Rod has written many books, thousands of articles, and speaks at various conferences and user groups. His professional focus is evangelizing technical community on the web and in person. Rod was a Microsoft MVP for 10 years and is a charter member of the Dell TechCenter Rockstar program. He's an avid gadget fan, a die-hard old television show and cartoon buff, a health and exercise freak, comic book aficionado, and a part-time missionary to the Chinese people. Follow Rod on Twitter

The Single Reason You Might Want to Care about Windows 9
A Windows 9 Technical Preview for Enterprises is rumored to release at the end of September. Will it show Microsoft is finally willing to work with the rest of us?
Azure Gets Search-as-a-Service
Microsoft has added Search-as-a-Service Preview capability to it's Azure subscriptions.
Sending and Receiving Text Messages from Windows 8.1
TextNow is a good app that can give you cross-device texting capability.
Microsoft Making Hardware to Bring Miracast to the Boardroom
A Microsoft Dongle has made it through both the FCC and the Wi-Fi Alliance certifications. No release date or price has been set.
Sysinternals for Azure: Process Explorer
Microsoft today is making available a new feature for Azure Websites, allowing customers to manage websites through Process Explorer.
You Say: Microsoft's Accelerated Product Cycles Failing Customers 1
With almost 500 people participating already, its becoming clear as to what customers believe Microsoft's problem is for a declining quality of patch releases.
The UPS Store Security Incident Shows Responsible Actions Taken
The UPS Store was found to be infected with a piece of malware designed to steal customer data. But, in this case, the company did the right thing.
Symantec Merges Nine Security Products into One, Retires the Others
Symantec is making some monumental moves in an attempt to stay modern and relevant.
AutoCAD 2015 Network Administrator's Bible Released
A new book release from David Stein, covers the latest version of AutoCAD and focuses on deployment, testing, support, and management of the beast of an application.
Excitement Building for Next Month’s IT/Dev Connections!
Going to IT Dev/Connections this year? You should, and btw, don’t miss signing up for the ConfigMgr 2012 R2 workshop with Johan Arwidmark and Kent Agerlund.
Believe it or Not: Despite Huge Outages Recently, Azure is Somewhat Improved Over Q1 4
Despite recent reports of major Azure outages, issues with Microsoft's Cloud services are improving according to CloudEndure.
Microsoft Makes Skype Less Annoying
Microsoft will be rolling out a new feature for Skype in the coming weeks, finally fixing multitude of notifications syndrome.
Heartbleed at Fault for Community Health Systems Hack?
If reports hold true, and Heartbleed is the cause of the massive CHS attack, how soon before we see similarly massive lawsuit?
Microsoft Revives Monthly Lync Calls for Service Manager Fans
Things have settled enough in the System Center product group that Microsoft is renewing the monthly call for Service Manager customers.
HTC Attentive Phone App Updated Overnight Stoking Rumors of a WP8.1 Developer's Preview Revival
An app updated overnight is building growing excitement that the HTC Windows Phone models might get to participate in the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview program again.
TechEd Europe session selection not good news for on-premises customers or independent voices
August 22, 2014

Sadly, the Chicago event will be more of the same, only bigger.

Getting it to Work: Miracast, Windows 8.1, and a Plain Old Surface Pro, Version 1
August 22, 2014

Sorry...I have the PTV3000 and am not familiar with the PTV2000. But, it sounds like the Netgear devices wants to upgrade firmware. That's done by the device itself, once its...

Just as We Thought: Windows 7 Usage is Soaring
August 20, 2014

I'm with you, I never had issue with Vista, either. Ran it just fine and would have still have been running it if Win7 hadn't released. I only updated then because I'm one of...

Believe it or Not: Despite Huge Outages Recently, Azure is Somewhat Improved Over Q1
August 20, 2014

I'm currently trying to verify, but unless I missed something recently, last I heard the Office-type apps were not yet hosted on Azure. They've had outages of their own, but...

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