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Short Takes: July 11, 2014
An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including Satya Nadella's lengthy mantra on the new Microsoft, whether mobile is the future of Xbox, why Nadella's letter is far from shocking, possible Microsoft layoffs loom, a voice of reason in the din of silliness, Windows 7 is (not) ending, US has the most Windows Phone users, and China hates the iPhone now too.
FTC Sues Amazon for In-App Purchases
The US Federal Trade Commission sued on Thursday, alleging that the retailer allowed children to illegally make millions of dollars of purchases inside of apps sold through its Android-based online store. The complaint mirrors a lawsuit the FTC had previously launched against Apple, but if anything, Amazon's handling of this issue has been even more anti-consumer.
Apple Pushes FTC to Investigate Google for In-App Purchases Too 4
A lead Apple lawyer formally requested that the Federal Trade Commission investigate Google for its in-app purchase policies in the Android mobile OS. The complaint alleges that Google allows children to continue making these purchases long after parental oversight has ended, exactly the crime for which Apple was previously punished.
Samsung Issues Earnings Warning on Slower Smart Phone Sales
Samsung Electronics, the world's largest maker of smart phones, this week issued a warning for its most recent quarter, noting that profit would fall an estimated 24 percent to a still-heady $7.1 billion. The consumer electronics giant cited a number of factors for the shortfall, but analysts are of course looking most closely at the firm's smart phone and tablet sales.
Internet Connectivity Woes Threaten "Mobile First, Cloud First" 23
Anyone who's in IT or just interested in technology knows all about frustration. Whether it's the one computer in an identically configured lot that inexplicably never works right, the Windows Update that never installs properly or the user who routinely finds new malware, we've all been there. But in this hyper-connected world in which we live, there is perhaps nothing more frustrating than an unreliable, balky, or just plain worthless Internet connection.
Surface Mini Unlikely to Ship This Summer 15
A tweet from a respected Windows leaker triggered some excitement that Microsoft may have reversed course and decided to ship its twice-delayed Surface Mini tablet this summer. But my sources are telling me that's not the case and that Surface Mini is still on the backburner.
Microsoft Faces EU Tax Inquiry 2
Microsoft is among a number of companies involved in a series of tax evasion investigations by the European Union. The software giant joins Amazon, Apple and a number of non-technology companies that are being scrutinized in a variety of EU member states.
Short Takes: July 3, 2014 9
An often irreverent look at this short holiday week's other news, including a 4th of July break, Microsoft's smart watch is smart but not a watch, worries about former Nokia employees, Microsoft takes down more than malware, Google finds a thrifty alternative to Beats, Amazon sues former employee for going Google, and, no, Virginia, Surface Mini was not cancelled because of an iPhone 6 rumor.
US Accuses T-Mobile of Secretly Overcharging Customers 9
The US Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday accused T-Mobile of secretly "cramming" spurious and unauthorized charges into customer cell phone bills, earning hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. The agency would like to see a federal court force T-Mobile to repay the bogus fees to customers and change its business practices.
Small Business in the 21st Century 13
Microsoft used to have a firm grip on small businesses, which it could nurture into the bigger business customers of the future. But this past month's Apple WWDC and Google I/O conferences cemented a problem I see only getting worse for the software giant: For a growing generation of new technology users, Microsoft and its productivity solutions simply aren't even part of the discussion. And this isn't just bad news for Microsoft, its bad news for IT.
US Supreme Court Rejects Google's Street View Appeal 6
The US Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a Google challenge to a lawsuit that alleges the search giant spied on individuals by collecting personal information from private Wi-Fi networks while recording Street View data from its cars. Google is being accused of violating the US Wiretap Act and now faces a late 2015 trial.
Secret Facebook Test Riles Users 3
For all its success in attracting over one billion users, Facebook is surprisingly tone deaf when it comes to meeting their expectations. And this week, public uproar over the social networking giant's policies reached a new apex when it was revealed that Facebook had secretly and without permission altered how the service worked for almost 700,000 members so it could psychologically gauge their reactions to overly positive and negative news.
Short Takes: June 27, 2014 11
An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including a 15-year old Microsoft IP theft, Windows 8.1 Update 2 and 3, Microsoft's offer for MacBook Air users, Larry Page is a robot and can't see that Google is creepy, protesters accuse Google of Skynet-like killing spree, a reviewer spends 30 days with Windows Phone and lives to tell the tale, and Xbox One family sharing could be making a comeback.
Supreme Court Shoots Down Aereo TV Ambitions 2
They were the Napster of television broadcasting, and like that earlier upstart, Aereo was trying to compete in a market dominated by traditional, slow-moving and entrenched competitors. More important, perhaps, Aereo has now crashed and burned just as Napster did when it faced off against the music industry, though in this case it took a US Supreme Court ruling to make it happen.
Google Announces Massive Expansion of Android 10
At the keynote address for its Google I/O conference on Wednesday, executives from the search giant laid out a plan by which its Android mobile OS will be used at the heart of devices big and small, and will infiltrate our lives in ever-pervasive ways. This year's show represented a flexing of Google's market power muscles, and the firm barely even mentioned Microsoft, which at one time pushed a similar sweeping vision for its own platforms.
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