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Orin Thomas is a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and a Windows Security MVP. He has authored or coauthored more than a dozen books for Microsoft Press, and he writes the Hyperbole, Embellishment, and System Administration Blog.

Things that you should think about before firing a systems administrator. 1
Organizations should have a procedure in place to ensure that if they do need to let a systems administrator go, the amount of damage that can be done is minimized.
Thinking about passwords 1
How much time does your organization spend dealing with the impact of password policies?
Google Announces Chrome OS
Lightweight operating system designed for Netbooks to be released in the latter half of 2010
Blizzard will not support LAN play in StarCraft 2
Want to play StarCraft 2 with your mates over the LAN? Sorry, you have to use BattleNet.
TechED Australia attendees each score HP Netbook
TechED Australia attendees will get more than a bag and t-shirt at the September conference!
Opera-Unite lets standard users share content on the Internet from behind your corporate firewall. 1
If you deploy Opera’s latest browser to clients on your internal network, don’t be surprised if they start sharing stuff with the Internet.
Might the Windows 7 EU Internet Explorer decision turn out to be an own-goal for Opera?
OEMs in Europe are now in the position to decide which browsers are included with Windows 7. Will the browsers that get included be from the vendors with the deepest pockets?
Security in Windows Environments: 4 Stories
This four-chapter Tech Advisor includes detailed information on various security challenges, from changing your security weakness into strengths; securing your desktops with Group Policy; comparisons of some of the top endpoint solutions on the market; best practices in security policy management, and more.
Project Natal = Broken TVs.
Sure it looks cool, but how many dudes are going to put their foot through the screen playing ninja zombie smackdown?
Migrating saved website and terminal services passwords with Windows 7 Credential Manager
Windows 7 Credential Manager allows you to centrally manage stored Terminal Services, Runas and Website passwords in a single location
IT Pro recruitment is a lottery. 1
Position descriptions are next to useless. Resumes are often fiction. Recruiters have a better chance at picking which horse will win the Kentucky Derby than they do at picking the best candidate for a systems administration job.
Why you should have a torch in your server room. 1
The first law of systems administration is Murphy's law. If you don’t know what Murphy’s law is, you haven’t been a systems administrator very long.
Lost laptops cost orgs 50K on average
A recent study has found that a lost laptop computer costs an organization an average of $50,000.
Upgrade of Windows 7 Beta to RC and RTM to require some mucking about 4
Upgrade of Windows 7 Beta to RC and RTM to require some mucking about.
Windows 7 RC available to Technet & MSDN Subscribers 30 April
Windows 7 Team Blog announces general and TechNet/MSDN availability of Win 7 RC
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