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Michael Otey, senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro, is president of TECA, a software-development and consulting company in Portland, Oregon. Michael has covered the topic of virtualization extensively for Windows IT Pro, having written several features articles showing how to take advantage of virtualization in the enterprise as well as reviewing all of the major virtualization products. He also previously served as technical director for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro. Email him at mikeo@teca.com
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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery
While a lot of businesses are hesitant to jump into the cloud with their production workloads because of trust, security, performance, and availability concerns, there are some places where using the cloud can make a lot of sense. Two of them are in the area of backup and disaster recovery. First, let’s have a look at some of the Windows Azure options for backup and recovery and second, we’ll look into some of the available options for business continuity and disaster recovery.
Recovery road sign in the clouds
Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager Protects Hyper-V VMs
If you think that Microsoft lags behind VMware in virtual machine (VM) site protection, you might want to take a look at Microsoft's new Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager.
Blue Windows 8 logo on white background
Top Ten: Making Windows 8.1 Work Like Windows 7 13
If you're missing Windows 7 after transitioning to Windows 8.1 or 8, here are 10 tips for making your Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 experience more like the reliable Windows 7 experience.
cloud backup and disaster storage for Windows Server and SQL Server
Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery 1
While a lot of businesses are hesitant to jump into the cloud with their production workloads because of trust, security, performance, and availability concerns, there are some places where using the cloud can make a lot of sense.
book on ground with paper planes flying away from it
Top 10 Free Microsoft eBooks
In this era of technology and advancement, it's easy to get lost with all the information available. Luckily, Microsoft offers many different ebooks about technology and how to use it; here are the top 10 free ebooks available.
road leading into clouds
VMware Races Forward on Hybrid Cloud Management
VMware recently announced a series of significant enhancements to their virtualization and cloud management products.
road with rainbow and clouds
Microsoft Ups the Cloud Ante
There's little doubt that Microsoft is taking its new vision of being a devices and services organization very seriously. Microsoft clearly believes this is what they must do to continue to compete in the consumer and enterprise space.
Spheres made from spiraling wire with floating solid spheres inside
Top Ten: New Features in vSphere 5.5
At VMworld 2013, VMware released vSphere 5.5; this update uses features from vSphere 5.1 and improves them, increasing scalability and catching up to Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V 2012.
Top 10 Ways Microsoft Can Fix the Surface Pro 1
Ten changes that would make the Microsoft Surface Pro better
Manage Hyper-V with PowerShell 1
Windows PowerShell helps you perform repetitive tasks, work with multiple VMs, and provide reports in a Hyper-V environment.
computer cable being plugged into cloud
Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup
One of the easier ways to begin to take advantage of cloud computing is for backup and disaster recovery (DR). Cloud storage is easily accessible and can be more cost effective than buying local storage.
computer keyboar with blue key with white cloud and blue padlock
Tackling Cloud Security with Encryption 1
If you’re seriously looking at using the cloud as a data store then encryption is a must if you want any real data security.
Top 10 Tips for Using PowerShell ISE
If you're just getting started with PowerShell, chances are you'll be doing your work using the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE). Although there are other third-party products that far exceed the features found in ISE, Microsoft's ISE is free and is more or less the de facto Microsoft PowerShell development tool.
Review: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 and HP PS1810-8G Switch

Designed expressly for the needs of small business, the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 packs a lot of power along with enterprise manageability into a tiny package. This is not server designed for racks or computer rooms. HP designed this unit for small businesses many of whom might be looking for their first server. The HP ProLiant MicroServer comes in a small 10” x 8 x 10” nearly square form factor that can easily fit on a self, under a desk or on a table top.

purple virtual keyboard being used by male hand
Important Features in Microsoft's Free Hyper-V Server 2012 1
Microsoft's free Hyper-V Server 2012 offers enhanced features, including host scalability, cluster support, and network virtualization.

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