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Mark Minasi is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro, an MCSE, and the author of more than 30 books, including Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2 (Sybex). He writes and speaks around the world about Windows networking.

Fiddling with HTML Forms with Fiddler
You could use a tool like WireShark or Microsoft Message Analyzer to trace your HTTP traffic, but you might find those tools' learning curves steep. That's why it's nice that Telerik gives away a much simpler web-peeking tool named Fiddler.
Teaching PowerShell to Click 1
So you've got some data you want to scrape off a Web page automatically, but you've got to fill in some form and click "Go" to get to it? No worries ... PowerShell can automate that.
Authenticating Web Service Requests with PowerShell 1
To authenticate to many Web services, you have to keep your "headers" on straight.
PowerShell Web Service Proxies 1
Accessing SOAP/XML services can be rewarding, but building those XML query files for those picky SOAP services isn't my favorite pastime. Fortunately, the SOAP world shares my feelings on the matter, and so created the notion of a "Web service proxy," which greatly simplifies the process.
Getting Started with SOAP-Based Web Services and PowerShell
Learn how PowerShell can query a SOAP XML web service.
Understanding and Exploiting JSON Web Services Data with PowerShell
Bing's RESTful geolocation service lets anyone feed it a ZIP code, and the service then reports the city, county, and state where that ZIP code is. But the data is in JSON, so we'll need PowerShell cmdlet Invoke-WebRequest's JSON-y twin brother, Invoke-RestMethod.
Getting Started with REST and PowerShell 1
See how to use PowerShell to retrieve data from a RESTful service and parse its XML with XPath.
Start Harvesting with SOAP and REST Web Services
We've been screen-scraping for the past 2 months to gather data off the Web, but now let's go heavy-duty and start querying web services with PowerShell's array of finely tuned Web harvesting tools!
More Harvesting: File Downloads with PowerShell
Still downloading files from a browser? Give your fingers a rest, and let PowerShell go get 'em!
Harvesting the Web with PowerShell and Invoke-WebRequest 2
Is the water seaside warm enough to warrant the trip? PowerShell can find out with Invoke-Webrequest!
An Explorer's Guide to Discovering and Using PowerShell Methods
Here are two easy methods to find out how .NET objects and their methods tick, so you can use them in your PowerShelling.
Exploring Useful .NET Classes with PowerShell to Add Speech

Last month, in “Using PowerShell Object Methods,” I started exploring methods in PowerShell cmdlets. This month, I’ll go further with methods by showing you how to make PowerShell speak to you.

Using PowerShell Object Methods
Why is time-and-date math syntax so weird in PowerShell? The answer will help you unlock the value of many of the earliest PowerShell 1.0 cmdlets!
Controlling System Restore with PowerShell
Scripting updates, app installs, or device driver installs? Create a System Restore point beforehand so you can easily roll back, should anything go wrong. And do it all with a few PowerShell cmdlets!
More Fine-Tuned Firewall Rules
This article rounds out our coverage of Windows Firewall with two more tools to let you refine your firewall rules: ICMP support and IP address ranges.
IT/Dev Connections: IT pros share their tips on surviving profession's mid-life crisis
October 18, 2016

For the sake of complete accuracy, I should correct this in that it was Orrin, not me, who made the shark comment. I wouldn't have made it because it ... ahem ... is quite...

Get Hex Dumps of Files in PowerShell
November 14, 2015

You probably know this, but PoSH 5.0 includes format-hex. Examples:

Format-Hex -path myfile.txt
Get-content myfile.txt | format-hex
$myresult | format-hex...

Getting Started with REST and PowerShell
October 15, 2015

You're right, Dimitrios, I mistyped that!

Reasons Why Windows 10 Might be Downloading on Domain-Joined Computers
August 19, 2015

This is really interesting, as I meet all four criteria that Rod set out -- great sleuthing, by the way! -- and did not get an invite.

That said, in the end analysis...

Harvesting the Web with PowerShell and Invoke-WebRequest
July 15, 2015

Hi Andrew -- great question, not sure I have an answer. :-( I'm guessing that SourceForge does that to block "bots," which is honestly something that every site has to worry...

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