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Mark Burnett ( is an independent consultant specializing in Windows security. He is a Security MVP and the author of several books, including Perfect Passwords and Hacking the Code (Syngress). Visit Mark’s blog at

Securing Hyper-V
Hyper-V introduces some unique security risks that you should address to prevent the host machine and guest OSs from being compromised.
Microsoft DNS vs. BIND
A comparison of the merits of Microsoft DNS and BIND for security.
Secure Your DNS Servers 1
DNS has been around forever, so it can be easy to forget how vital a properly configured DNS server is for stopping DoS and other attacks. A few steps can secure your DNS implementation, whether you use Microsoft DNS or BIND.
Tips for Securing WordPress
A hacked blog can be a PR nightmare. Stop it from happening to you by taking some precautions: Use SSL for administration, and set correct permissions.
15 Tips for VMware Security
Protect your virtual machine host and guests by isolating them from the rest of your network and each other.
NTFS Secrets
Seven nuggets of information about how the Windows file system actually works in practice will save you time and frustration when working with file permissions.
Bounce Unwanted Files Out of Your Folders
A new file screening tool in the Windows 2003 R2 File Server Resource Manager toolset lets you block certain files or file types from entering a folder or notify an administrator about the files and take some action.
Windows Firewall Auditing
Regularly auditing the firewall configuration settings for the systems you manage keeps accumulated misconfigurations from compromising your protection. A useful script lets you easily audit your systems’ firewall configurations.
DNS Annoyances
Get a handle on DNS annoyances--small but irritating problems that can affect the performance of your network--and use DNS to its full potential.
More DNS Tips
Besides just plain DNS annoyances, we have some great tips for working with DNS.
Hardening Service Applications
Harden third-party software and reduce your security risk—create a user account for your software application to run on and grant it only the privileges necessary to do its job.
How I Secured One Company's Network
Here's one way to secure a network while maintaining usability—using virtual machines, a virtual network, and Log Parser, and preinstalling common ActiveX components.
DNS Threats
Learn about the most common threats that plague typical DNS infrastructures.
Segregate Your DNS Servers 1
The key to effective DNS design in the enterprise is to segregate DNS servers into distinct roles. Here's how to set it up.
A Real-World Network Makeover
Thinking of a complete network makeover? This article walks you through the process at a wireless ISP called UtahWISP.
Windows Powershell Master Class

Windows Powershell Master Class with John Savill
Live Online Training on February 2nd, 9th, and 16th
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PowerShell is the definitive command line interface and scripting solution for Windows, Hyper-V, System Center, Microsoft solutions and beyond. In this Master Class, we will start from the ground up, walking you through the basics of PowerShell, how to create basic scripts and building towards creating custom modules to achieve amazing results in your environment, in non-Microsoft environments, and in Azure.


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