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Greg Todd is a senior member of technical staff at HP. He has worked with Windows NT and its related technologies since 1993.

Datacenter Application Specifications
Here are the requirements that Win2K Datacenter Server adds to the Win2K application specification.
Win2K Datacenter Server
Microsoft's new enterprise-level server goes head-to-head with its UNIX rivals.
Microsoft Clustering Solutions
Microsoft Cluster Services, Network Load Balancing, Component Load Balancing, and Application Center add scalability, availability, and reliability to Windows.
The Future of Systems Management 2
Microsoft is finally improving NT's systems management capabilities. Glimpse the future of management in SMS 2.0 and NT 5.0.
What is WBEM? 8
In 1996, BMC Software, Cisco Systems, Compaq Computer, Intel, and Microsoft sponsored the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) initiative, an effort to provide a unifying mechanism for describing and sharing management information.
Command Syntax forLSLOG 5.0
Command Syntax for LSLOG 5.0

LSLOG is the LoadSim log analysis program. It calculates the npercentile (pctile) average response time value from the .log file that LoadSim creates during a run. LSLOG can perform a variety of other useful functions, including truncating unwanted data, merging multiple .log files, and displaying the time spanned by the data in the .log file. The syntax for each of these functions is explained below.

To run LSLOG, from the Windows NT command prompt, type

Updated Information on LoadSim

Our industry is very dynamic, with product schedules and delivery plans changing constantly. LoadSim is no exception. As many of you discovered, LoadSim 5.0 was not available on the Microsoft Web site. Instead, Microsoft decided to limit distribution of version 5.0 and widely distribute version 5.5. By the time you read this article, LoadSim 5.5 should be available from Microsoft's Web site. (You can download LoadSim at

Understanding and Using LoadSim 5.0: Part 4
In this final installment, you'll use LoadSim to run tests and interpret the results.
Understanding and Using LoadSim 5.0: Part 3
You can follow LoadSim's default user profiles for your test or take advantage of the programs flexibility to customize test properties.
Understanding and Using LoadSim 5.0: Part 2
Configure LoadSim to ensure that your server sufficiently handles the number of users you specify with response times of 1 second or less.
Understanding and Using LoadSim 5.0: Part 1 3
If you want to test the peformance of our Exchange server, your main goal is to see how many users your Exchange server can support. LoadSim makes this task possible.
LoadSim Terminology
LoadSim terms and the definitions.
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