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Don Jones has more than 15 years of IT experience, is the author of more than 35 books, and is a speaker at technology conferences such as Microsoft TechEd and Windows Connections. He's a multiple-year recipient of Microsoft's MVP award and is a technical guide for PowerShell for Windows IT Pro.

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Getting Started with PowerShell 3
Don't let common misconceptions stand in your way -- get to know the power of PowerShell and increase your value in the workforce.
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Creating Remote Sessions in PowerShell 2.0
Whether you want to connect to one or many remote computers, PowerShell 2.0's remoting capabilities make it easy.
A Concentrated Guide to PowerShell Functions 5
Windows PowerShell 2.0 offers several ways to modularize a set of commands, with solutions ranging from easy to complex.
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Q. Where can I find out about books, add-ons, and other PowerShell resources?
You're in the right place—PowerShell FAQs and my blogs are accessible from


Q. Can binary modules be imported from network shares?
Yes, but it can be tricky. See this article to find more information!


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Q. Do normal Windows commands run in PowerShell? 1
Generally, yes. There are times, however, when PowerShell's parsing of commands results in unexpected and confusing errors.
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Debugging in Windows PowerShell
Bugs are an inevitable part of life when you write PowerShell scripts. Here are some basic techniques for hunting down and squashing bugs and some practices that can help keep bugs at bay.
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Q. Are 64-bit and 32-bit PowerShell the same?
Nope. For the most part, you won't encounter any differences, but each version of the shell can only load matching snap-ins in some cases, meaning you'll have to be careful to download the correct 64- or 32-bit edition of any add-ons you want to use.
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Q. Can PowerShell scripts run under alternate credentials?
The short answer is no, not easily. You can certainly schedule a script to run under alternate credentials, using Task Scheduler's ability to specify the credentials.
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Q. Can PowerShell read and parse XML files?
Yes, although the means isn't very obvious. See this article to find out how!
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Q. How can I map a network drive in PowerShell?
To use strictly within PowerShell, use the New-PSDrive cmdlet. The resulting drive won't be visible in Explorer. If you want to map a more traditional systemwide network drive, use good ol' NET USE, just like you would have done in Cmd.exe.
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Q. How do I use Test-Connection in PowerShell?
This cmdlet basically uses WMI's Win32_PingStatus under the hood. It returns, by default, four "result" objects, each of which contains various properties, including a StatusCode, which will be 0 for successful pings.
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Q. Can I create custom table views in PowerShell?
Yes, although it's complicated and not well-documented. You can find examples to copy and paste in PowerShell's installation folder. Within the shell, run.
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Q. Can I access databases from within PowerShell?
Absolutely. I wrote a quick blog tutorial on this exact topic: "Database Access within PowerShell". It shows you how to use both SQL Server and non-SQL Server databases.
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Q. Why can't I pipe a formatted table to a CSV file?
You can, but the CSV file will contain the output of the Format-Table cmdlet, which probably isn't what you want. Format cmdlets produce objects that tell the shell how to construct an on-screen display.
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