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Christine Hall has been a journalist since 1971. In 2001 she began writing a weekly consumer computer column and began covering IT full time in 2002, focusing on Linux and open source software. Since 2010 she's published and edited the website FOSS Force. Follow her on Twitter: @BrideOfLinux.

NewSQL CockroachDB Ready for Prime Time
CockroachDB may not have an inviting name, but it took center stage at last week's OpenStack Summit.
OIN Expands Patent Protection With Larger 'Linux System'
The Open Invention Network has added 395 packages to its definition of the Linux System -- the largest single expansion in its history.
Red Hat's Vision for an Automated Enterprise
Yesterday at Red Hat Summit, the company laid out its vision of the future, and it did so with hardly a mention of the word "Linux." Instead, we heard about "the automated enterprise, powered by Ansible."
OpenStack User Survey Indicates Growth in Most Sectors
Although there might be something of a red flag in user satisfaction, the platform continues to dominate the private cloud.
EdgeX Foundry Promises IoT Security and More
The Linux Foundation has launched EdgeX Foundry as an all encompassing IoT solution.
New Open Door Policy for GitHub Developer Program
With over 17,000 participants, Github's Developer Program is set to grow even larger with its new entry policy.
Containerize Legacy Apps with Docker MTA
Docker introduces a new program for containerizing legacy applications.
Docker Brings Open Collaboration With Moby Project
Docker wants to help systems developers do a little thinking outside the box — er, container.
Canonical Gets Serious About Doing Enterprise Right
It's been a wild and crazy couple of weeks on the Isle of Man. As the dust settles, the brouhaha can probably best be summed up with words that ended a classic rock album: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."
Canonical's Dropping of Unity Is Only the Iceberg's Tip
When the different news stories coming out of the Isle of Man are pieced together, it appears that something major is afoot at Canonical.
Microsoft Ditches CodePlex for GitHub
Redmond's dropping of its own CodePlex in favor of GitHub illustrates the effect that open source is having on the software company.
Google Opens Up on Open Source
Google's new website might well become "Open Source 101" for DevOps considering moving into open source.
Daimler Jumps on Linux Bandwagon
Germain automaker Daimler indicates that it's betting much of its future on Linux by investing in two Linux projects.

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