System Center App Controller is probably the least known, least used, and least talked about application in the entire System Center 2012 Suite. So, it's good to see Microsoft investing resources in created a book that will hopefully explain the application and draw a bit more interest in its use.

In case you don't know already, App Controller is an extension of Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) that gives VMM a web-based interface for deploying virtual machines (VMs) and services. App Controller connects to both local and public Clouds, allowing VMs to be deployed across both Private and Public Clouds. App Controller works with local resources, Windows Azure, and also 3rd party datacenter hosting providers, so it offers a true Hybrid Cloud model for deploying highly mobile VMs.

Microsoft has released a new, free eBook called: Microsoft System Center: Cloud Management with App Controller, that seeks to educate the public on this oft overlooked application. The eBook comes in at a little over 100 pages of actual content and covers the following topics:

  • Chapter 1: App Controller Essentials
  • Chapter 2: Managing private clouds
  • Chapter 3: Managing public clouds
  • Chapter 4: Managing hybrid clouds
  • Chapter 5: App Controller cmdlets (PowerShell)

You can grab the free eBook (PDF format) here:  Microsoft System Center: Cloud Management with App Controller