Personally, I've been to so many TechEd events over the years, it's hard to count anymore. Over the past few years, I've been on-hand to provide community events from the perspective. Many of you I have met through the Microsoft and myITforum partnership, and through community events like the Twitter Army and the Meet and Geek. TechEd is an extraordinary event, providing top technical sessions to a huge mass of IT Pros and developers. 

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In about one week, I'll be making another trek to TechEd, and the closer it gets to my departure, the more excited I become. This year is extra exciting for me, as I'll be attending in dual roles. Not only will I be there to manage the Twitter Army once again under the myITforum banner, but I'll also be onsite as the IT Community Manager for Windows IT Pro. As part of this role I'll also be an active participant in the annual Best of TechEd awards. This is an awesome event where I have the responsibility to identify key technologies and companies exhibiting at TechEd 2013 and then help judge the entrants to produce a winner. Doing this for my first time, it's proved to be a lot of work already, with even more work to be done on Monday and Tuesday of the event. I'll be running around the Expo quite a bit, so if you see me, stop by to chat.

If you're part of the Twitter Army this year, you'll also have your own lounge in the Microsoft pavilion where I'll be hanging out quite a bit. So, there's yet another chance to find me and socialize. The lounge will be stocked with couches and charging stations, so feel free to stop by and relax for a while. Knowing the New Orleans convention center like I do (it's massive!), you'll definitely want to locate a spot to rest your weary legs and feet. And, maybe we can make plans to hit a nice hole-in-the-wall eatery for some raw oysters, gator wings, or turtle chili.

Of course, I have my eye on some really good-looking sessions to attend during the week, but, more than that, I'm excited to hear my old friend, Brad Anderson, as he's sure to give a wonderful keynote. Take special note during the keynote of two things: 1) Brad's tan, and 2) Brad's beefiness. You'll understand better once you're there.

The biggest, best tip I can give you for getting the most enjoyment out of TechEd 2013 is become part of The Krewe. The Krewe is the community entity for TechEd. It's a great bunch of folks to get to know. If you're a TechEd newbie, check out their web site to get news on TechEd schedules for both daytime and nighttime events.

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I look forward to seeing you all there!