Because the Ribbon can't be customized in Word 2007, where can I put shortcuts to frequently used commands?

Some third-party developer could make a mint by creating an easy way for users to create a custom section of the Ribbon UI, but for now the Ribbon remains sadly non-configurable. However, there's a tiny piece of real estate next to the Office button called the Quick Access Toolbar, and you can add commands to this toolbar. Just right-click almost any item on the Ribbon, and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar (for individual items) or Add Gallery to Quick Access Toolbar (for categories and galleries of items). You can also right-click the Quick Access Toolbar and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar. From there, you can locate commands, grouped into options in the Choose commands from drop-down menu, and add them to the toolbar. Here are some of my favorite commands to add:

  • Print (from the Office Menu group): I prefer the Print command over the Quick Print command, because plain-old Print gives me the Print dialog box so I can make choices about what, where, and how to print.
  • View Macros (from the Developer Tab group): This command gives me quick access to lists of macros in my documents.
  • Paste Special (from the Home Tab group): By using the Paste Special command instead of the Paste button on the Home tab, you can reduce the number of clicks it takes to paste. I find myself pasting content as "unformatted text" or as an embedded object pretty frequently.