Digital video recorder (DVR) supplier SnapStream, makers of the PC-based Beyond TV 4 software, have created the world's most impressive DVR: It's an 11-tuner model called Godzilla PVR that fits in a single PC case and features four HDTV tuners and seven standard-definition tuners, all of which can work simultaneously. Unlike competing PC-based solutions, such as Windows XP Media Center Edition, which supports only one HDTV tuner (over-the-air only) and two standard-definition tuners, Beyond TV has unlimited tuner support, so SnapStream thought they'd see how far they could take it. Godzilla PVR also includes four 250GB drives (for a total of 1TB of storage space), enough for 112 hours of HDTV recording or 424 hours of standard-definition recording. You can read more about this monstrous DVR on the SnapStream blog