You can extract named and unnamed arguments from the command line. If you have a /Name1: named argument, the following code can extract it, along with the first unnamed argument, if any:

WScript.Echo "There are a total of " & WScript.Arguments.Count & " arguments."                              WScript.Echo "There are " & WScript.Arguments.Named.Count & " named arguments."                              WScript.Echo "There are " & WScript.Arguments.Unnamed.Count & " unnamed arguments."                              If WScript.Arguments.Named.Count > 0 Then                                  if WScript.Arguments.Named("Name1")  "" Then                                     WScript.Echo "/Name1:" & WScript.Arguments.Named("Name1")                                  Else                                     WScript.Echo "No or nul ""/Name1:"" named argument was passed."                                  End If                              End If                              If WScript.Arguments.Unnamed.Count > 0 Then                                  WScript.Echo "First unnamed argument:" & WScript.Arguments.Unnamed(0)                              End If