A. Use the command below to check how much data is in a local machine's BranchCache.

netsh branchcache show status all

For example,

C:\Users\administrator>netsh branchcache show status all                              BranchCache Service Status:                              ----------------------------------------------------------------                              Service Mode = Distributed Caching (Set By Group Policy)                              Serve peers on battery power = Disabled                              Current Status = Running                              Service Start Type = Manual                              This machine is not configured as a hosted cache client.                              Local Cache Status:                              ----------------------------------------------------------------                              Maximum Cache Size = 5% of hard disk                              Active Current Cache Size = 10748576 Bytes                              Local Cache Location = C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService                              \AppData\Local\PeerDistRepub (Default)

To flush the cache, use the command

netsh branchcache flush

For example,

C:\Users\administrator>netsh branchcache flush                              Flushing Local Cache... Succeeded
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