A. The POWERCFG utility has been updated in Windows 7 to include a new -energy switch. When you execute the utility with that switch, it will perform a scan of the installation and monitor the system for 60 seconds. It will point out configuration items that will affect the system's energy efficiency.

Run the command, as shown below, when the system is idle. Once it's done, it will create a report in the form of an HTML file \[OK?\]. This report will outline errors and warnings that are affecting power use and identify hardware and processes that are consuming power.

                              C:\>powercfg -energy                              Enabling tracing for 60 seconds...                              Observing system behavior...                              Analyzing trace data...                              Analysis complete.                              Energy efficiency problems were found.                              7 Errors                              7 Warnings                              13 Informational                              See C:\Users\john.SAVILLTECH\energy-report.html for more details.                              

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