A. The Windows 7 command line interface for the disk defragmenter has some new options that can help you track the progress and make the defrag run at a higher priority than normal so it finishes faster.

The /U switch displays an ongoing progress of the defragmentation progress, /C performs a defragmentation on all volumes on the system, and /E defrags all volumes except those specified. The /H switch runs the defragmentation at normal priority instead of low priority. The /M switch runs the defrag on the volumes in parallel and /T tracks an operation already in operation.

An example execution is shown below using the higher priority and ongoing progress display.

                              C:\Users\john>defrag d: /h /u                              Microsoft Disk Defragmenter                              Copyright (c) 2007 Microsoft Corp.                              Invoking defragmentation on Data (D:)...                              Analysis: 100% complete.                              Pre-Defragmentation Report:                              Volume Information:                              Volume size = 1.36 TB                              Free space = 587.31 GB                              Total fragmented space = 0%                              Largest free space size = 577.75 GB                              Note: File fragments larger than 64MB are not                              included in the fragmentation statistics.                              Performing pass 1:                              Defragmentation: 16% complete...                              
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