When you receive a STOP error, Windows displays the STOP on a Blue screen, hence the name BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

If you prefer a Red screen with White text, or any other color combination that is easier for you to see:

1. Open %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM.INI in Notepad.exe.

2. Locate the \[386enh\] section.

3. If the MessageBackColor= and MessageTextColor= entries are present, change them. Otherwise, add them to the end of the section. To have a Red screen with White text, use:

MessageBackColor=4                              MessageTextColor=F
Using the following codes (case is important):
0 = black                              1 = blue                              2 = green                              3 = cyan                              4 = red                              5 = magenta                              6 = brown                              7 = white                              8 = gray                              9 = bright blue                               A = bright green                               B = bright cyan                               C = bright red                               D = bright magenta                               E = bright yellow                               F = bright white 
4. Save the changes to the %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM.INI file.

5. Shutdown and restart your computer.