I have scripted PrtWinPicFax.bat to cause the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to print a file that you specify to a printer that you specify, from the command line. No GUI or popup is displayed.

The syntax for using PrtWinPicFax.bat is:

PrtWinPicFax File Printer


File    is the fully qualified file name that contains the image you wish to print.                              Printer is the printer that will render the image, like any of the following:                                                    "HP Officejet 6200 series"                                                    \\JSI001\HP2250                                                     "\\JSI001.JSIINC.COM\HP Business Inkjet 2250 (PCL5C)"
PrtWinPicFax.bat contains:
                              @echo off                              if \{%2\}==\{\} @echo Syntax: PrtWinPicFax File Printer&goto :EOF                              rundll32.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\shimgvw.dll,ImageView_PrintTo /pt %1 %2