A. The ClusterStorage namespace is always %systemdrive%\ClusterStorage. However, because Hyper-V doesn't allow variables in paths (such as to point to configuration and VHD files), you need to ensure that the system drive of all nodes in the cluster has the same drive letter, so that virtual machines (VMs) running under CSV can be accessed using the same path on all nodes. If one node has a system drive of C: (C:\ClusterStorage) and another node has a system drive of E: (E:\ClusterStorage), you can have problems. If you have a VM running on node A stored under C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\VM1 and the VM tries to move to the other node, the VM would fail because it wouldn't find the C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\VM1 path—because on that node it would be E:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\VM1.

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