The consumer electronics marketplace is flooded personal media solutions—you've probably read about portable DVD players, and perhaps you own an Apple iPod. But have you heard about the MobiNote DVX-POD 7010, the device that's set to make a splash in the personal media realm?

The DVX-POD 7010 is a personal multimedia player that lets you play video (MPEG-4, DivX 5, 4, and 3.11, QuickTime 6, and Windows Media Video—WMV—files), record TV directly into MPEG-4 format, and listen to WMA and MP3 audio files. You can also record voice memos and view photos (JPEG, GIF, and BMP files) with the player. The DVX-POD 7010 has a 7" Low-Temperature PolySilicon (LTPS) digital LCD panel that gives you a 170-degree viewing angle, a resolution of 720 x 480p, and 16:9 widescreen format. The device, which weighs 600g, looks strikingly familiar—with a white varnish coat and rounded corners, has the look of an iPod. Also making the device sleek are the operating buttons; they're designed on the top of the player, with the A/V ports located on the sides. The DVX-POD 7010, which will be available in August or September, will cost $599 to $699.