Looking for a Microsoft Partner in your area with the skills and reputation to ensure a successful rollout and a happy experience?  A new service has recently rolled out called PartnerPulse, a Microsoft Partner Community where visitors can use search tools to locate a registered partner by location, product and competency.

Partners can register on the site and include logos, images, company branding, and core competency.

The site creates a bit of confusion, though. Microsoft rolled out the Pinpoint site a couple years ago (which was actually created in an effort to revamp another failed site) and really provides much of the same functions. For one reason or another, Pinpoint never really took off, but due to being online longer, looks a lot more polished than PartnerPulse so far.

Here's the link to check out PartnerPulse: http://www.partnerpulse.co/

(Yes…the domain identifier truly is .co instead of .com. That's not a typo).

Unfortunately, I keep getting messages from the site indicating that something is wrong. I'm sure they'll fix it up shortly. Just refreshing seems to fix the error most of the time.

P.S. After posting this article, Chris Wright, founder of PartnerPulse contacted me directly to correct some information. PartnerPulse is not affiliated with Microsoft and is an independent resource. I will be talking with Chris soon to learn more about the offering and hear about the roadmap.