Microsoft released a new update for the original Surface Pro as part of the January Patch Tuesday releases. Per the Surface Pro update history page, the January update includes two updates covering the Surface Type Cover 2 and the Surface Touch Cover 2's firmware, allowing the original Surface Pro to work better with the latest update to Microsoft's revamped keyboards. The new Type Cover is slimmer, more responsive, and includes backlit keys, and the new Touch Cover has more sensors making typing more accurate.

The Enterprise deployment download has not hit the Microsoft Download site yet, so if you want to update now, you'll need to walk through the steps to utilizing Windows Update for the device.

Surface Pro 2 users, however, saw no love in the January releases. You might remember that Microsoft released a firmware update in December that was quickly pulled. The update had installation problems in some cases, but also caused the battery life in the Surface Pro 2 to diminish quickly.

Every Surface model experienced update issues and bugs just prior to the 2013 Christmas season, which was probably the very worst time for them to happen. For example, the Surface 2 (Windows RT) was bitten by a BitLocker bug that Microsoft didn't fix until January 6, 2014 when they released and out-of-band update.