The most common view to work in is the Normal view. The Normal view shows you each of the major components of your presentation:

  • A slide is shown in the main pane of the view.
  • Each slide is shown as a thumbnail in the Slides tab of the left pane.
  • The presentation content is shown as an outline in the Outline tab of the left pane.
  • Notes, which can be used for audience handouts or speaker notes, appear in the lower pane.

Normal view

To switch to the Normal view, do one of the following:

  • Click the Normal View button. Normal View button
  • Choose View → Normal

Once in the Normal view, you can:

  • Drag the borders of the panes to resize the panes.
  • Click the close button, next to the Slides tab, to close the Outline, Slides, and Notes panes.
    • Choose View ? Normal (Restore Panes) to re-open the closed panes.