The iPad. Old. Boring. Great for playing a round of Chopsticks on the virtual piano. That's about it.

Or, so Microsoft is promoting. In a new promotion, which includes a video and a comparison page, Microsoft is touting the more robust features of Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets versus the Apple tablet's steadily decaying value. They even throw a dig in about price, using the ASUS VivoTab Smart tablet as the base comparison. iPad: $699. Windows 8 Tablet (VivoTab): $499.

The comparison page (located here: allows you to compare the iPad against four different manufacturers' Windows 8 tablet offerings: ASUS, Dell, HP, and Microsoft. The comparison details the differences in size and weight, battery life, ability to print and use Microsoft Office, Cloud storage capabilities, multitasking, and other things that show the iPad is pretty limited. Personally, I'm not sure if the Microsoft Office capability is something to highlight since it's Microsoft's job to make a workable version of Office for the iPad.

As you click through to see the comparisons between the iPad and the other manufacturers tablets, you may notice that the more expensive Windows 8 tablets are not available for comparison, i.e., you cannot compare against the Surface Pro. So, really, it boils down to which tablets offer robust features at a price less than the iPad.

Here's the video: