I've not used Gmail in such a long time I wasn't even aware that Google might have started delivering their own Spam messages until I watched the latest Scroogled ad from Microsoft. So, I jumped out to my Gmail inbox to check. Since I don't use Gmail, and my inbox there was completely empty, I guess Google has no way of tracking, hence my privacy is "sort of" secure. But, it makes sense that Google would do this. Internet-based ad dollars is Google's business. It saddens me that they would stoop to something so sinister, but it doesn't surprise me.

In addition to the new video, Microsoft has also whipped-up a new page dedicated to Google's intrusion system:


How's your Gmail experience? Since I have nothing in my inbox as an example, I'm curious what your experiences are with Gmail since they are now delivering content targeted Spam.

Here's Microsoft's latest Scroogled video explaining how Gmail ads work: