The new version of ADFind.exe freeware allows you to create and recall environment variables for switch setting:

                              -e xxx        Load switches from environment. Will read env vars with prefix                                            and dash (adfind-) by default and load them in. Any switches                                            specified explicitly on the command line will override. To                                            specify a different prefix, specify string after -e. For                                            example to specify the host switch create an env var of                                            adfind-h. To specify properties specify the env var adfind-                                            or adfind-props. To specify a switch that doesn't take a                                            a value, specify a value of \{~\} because you can't set a                                            an environment variable to blank.                                               Ex: Queries ADAM on localhost port 5000 for subnets.                                                  set adam1-h=.:5000                                                  set adam1-config=\{~\}                                                  set adam1-f=objectcategory=subnet                                                  set adam1-props=name siteobject                                                  adfind -e adam1


set csv-default=\{~\}                              set csv-bit=\{~\}                              set csv-nodn=\{~\}                              set csv-tdc=\{~\}                              set csv-tdcs=\{~\}                              set csv-samdc=\{~\}                              set csv-csv=\{~\}                              set csv-csvdelim=;                              set csv-csvmvdelim=#                              adfind -e csv -nocsvheader -f "&(objectcategory=Person)(objectClass=User)" sAMAccountName distinguishedName userPrincipalName MemberOf userAccountControl lastLogon
The output might look like:
"Test";"CN=Test.User,CN=Users,DC=JSIINC,DC=COM";"Test@JSIINC.COM";"CN=Accounts Payables,CN=Users,DC=JSIINC,DC=COM#CN=accountants,CN=Users,DC=JSIINC,DC=COM";"66048 \[NORMAL_USER(512);NO_EXPIRE(65536)\]";"2005/11/15-23:55:00 Eastern Standard Time"                              
NOTE: See the following tips:
How can I save and recall the switches I use with ADFind.exe freeware?                              ADFind.exe freeware can use :AND: and :OR: instead of :1.2.840.113556.1.4.803: and :1.2.840.113556.1.4.804: to define a bitwise filter.                              ADFind.exe freeware allows you to save and recall query filters.