If you are running DirectX 8.0 or DirectX 9.0 on Windows 2000, and apply Microsoft Security Update MS05-050, your computer may still be vulnerable.

To determine if you are vulnerable:

1. Start / Run / Dxdiag / OK.

2. Select the System tab and record the DirectX version.

3. Select the DirectX Files tab and view the version information for Quartz.dll. If you have the following Platform File Name and Version, you are secure:

Platform File Name                     Version                              Windows 2000 - DirectX 9.0 Quartz.dll                               Windows 2000 - DirectX 8.0 Quartz.dll                                Windows 2000 - DirectX 7.0 Quartz.dll
4. Uninstall the Security Update to clean the registry, and then visit Otherwise, visit http://update.microsoft.com.