Using RMTShare.exe, I have scripted UserShare.bat to generate a hidden share from each user's redirected folder.

UserShare.bat must be run on the server that hosts the user's redirected folder, in a tree like:

<DriveLetter:&gt                                  Users                                      UserName1                                      Username2                                      UserNameN
where the hidden shares will be:
\\ServerName\UserName1$                              \\ServerName\UserName2$                              \\ServerName\UserNameN$
UserShare.bat will grant the user and the Domain Admins global group Full Control of the share.

The syntax for using UserShare.bat is:

UserShare ParentFolder

Where ParentFolder is the local path to the parent folder, like C:\Users.

UserShare.bat contains:

                              @echo off                              if \{%1\}==\{\} @echo UserShare Folder&goto :EOF                              if not exist %1 @echo UserShare %1 does not exist.&goto :EOF                              setlocal                              set parent=%1                              set parent=%parent:"=%                              for /f "Tokens=*" %%a in ('dir /b /ad "%parent%"') do (                               @echo rmtshare \\%computername%\%%a$=%parent%\%%a /grant %USERDOMAIN%\%%a:F /grant "%USERDOMAIN%\Domain Admins":F                               rmtshare \\%computername%\%%a$=%parent%\%%a /grant %USERDOMAIN%\%%a:F /grant "%USERDOMAIN%\Domain Admins":F                              )                              endlocal