Download Regshot 1.7.2 src+bin from the link at the bottom of this page and unzip it.

The readme.txt contains:

                              		---------------------------------------------------                              			Readme file of Regshot 1.7.2       2004/3/5                              		---------------------------------------------------                              			Please view whatsnew.txt for update info!!!                              -----------------                              Package includes:                              -----------------                              regshot.exe,language.ini,readme.txt,whatsnew.txt,regshot.ini                              -----------------                              Introduction:                              -----------------                              RegShot is a small registry compare utility  that allows you to quickly take a  snapshot                              of your registry and then compare it with a second one - done after doing system changes                              or installing a new software product. The changes report can be produced in text or HTML                              format and contains a list of all modifications that have taken place between  snapshot1                              and snapshot2.In addition, you can also specify folders (with sub filders) to be scanned                              for changes as well.In version 1.60+ you can save your whole registry in a *.hiv file for                              future use.                              Note: Regshot is a FREEWARE!                              Note: From regshot 1.7 (also regshot 1.6e5),Source code are released to to public.                              -----------------                              Usage:                              -----------------                              (1)CLICK "1st shot" BUTTON                              It pops up a menu which contains several items:                               (A)"Shot"  to take a snapshot only,and it will not be kept if you exit regshot program;                               (B)"Shot and save..." to take a snapshot of your registry and save the whole registry to                                  a "hive" file and you can keep it in your harddisk for future use; NOTE:"hive" files                                  are too big!                               (C)"Load..." to load a "hive" file previous saved.                              If you want to monitor your file system ,just check the "Scan Dir \[dir..\]" checkbox                              and input the folder names below it. Note: Regshot has the ability to scan multiple                               folders,Just separate them with ";",Regshot also scan the subfolders of the current                               folders you entered.                               Note:This version  only save your registry to "hive" file,it does NOT include the                              folders you scaned!                              (2)RUN SOME PROGRAMS which may change your windows registry,or it may change the file system                              (3)CLICK "2nd shot" BUTTON                              (4)Select your output LOG file type,"text" or "HTML,default is "text"                              (5)INPUT YOUR COMMENT for this action into the "comment field",eg:"Changes made after                              winzip started". COMMENT will only be saved into compare log files not into "hive" files                              (6)CLICK "compare" BUTTON                              Regshot will do the compare job now(auto detect which shot is newer),when it is finished,                              Regshot will automatically load the compare LOG as you defined above,the log files are                              saved  in the directory where "Output path" is defined,default is your Windows Temp Path                               ,it was named as the "comment" you input,if the "comment field" is empty or invalid, the                              LOG will be name as "~resxxxx.txt" or "~resxxxx.htm" where "xxxx" is 0000-9999.                              (7)CLICK "Clear" BUTTON                              You  will clear the two snapshots(or separately) previous made and begin a new job.                              Note:"Clear" does not erase the log files!                              (8)TO QUIT Regshot,just hit "Quit" button                              (9)You can change the language of the regshot at main window,all words are saved in the                               file "language.ini". View it for details!                              (10)New to 1.7+: regshot.dat now changed to regshot.ini, skipdirs and skip registry keys                              are included. exe size are smaller!                              -----------------                              Thanks:                              -----------------                              Special thanks:                              Alexander Romanenko	-- Space provider!                              Ivan                    -- Space provider!                              Toye			-- Release!                              zhangl			-- Debug!                              firstk			-- Debug!                              mssoft			-- Test!                              dreamtheater		-- Test!                              Gonzalo			-- Spainish                              ArLang°¢ÀÉ		-- Chinese                              Mikhail A.Medvedev	-- Russian\[Thanks!\]                              Kenneth Aarseth		-- Norsk                              Marcel Drappier		-- French                              Vittorio "Capoccione"	-- Italian                              Gnatix			-- Deutsch                              Murat KASABOGLU		-- Türkçe                              Paul Lowagie		-- Nederlands                              ondra			-- Èesky                              AVE7			-- Fixed Deutsch!                              Pau Bosch i Crespo	-- Catalan                              Michael Papadakis	-- Greek                              Per Bryldt		-- Danish                              Rajah			-- Latvian                              Leandro			-- Portuguese                              Roland Turcan		-- Slovak                              Kentaro Okude		-- Japanese                              Adam Mikusiñski		-- Polish                              Computer Wizard\[Wiz\]	-- Serbian                              Jack Gorji		-- Hebrew                              Xos?Antón Vicente Rodríguez --Galego                              Obelix			-- Hrvatski                              Alex Simidchiev		-- Bulgarian                    		-- Svenska                              Bata György             -- Hungarian                              Dmitry P.               -- Ukrainian                              Nick Reid		-- Advice                              tongjiawang		-- Many help!                              Franck Uberto, Patrick Whitted, Walter Bergner, Jim McMahon, Fred Bailey,                              Dchenka , itschy and all those we fogot to mention!!                              ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              		                                                                               			(c) Copyright 2000-2002 TiANWEi  \[\] =1.7                              				All rights reserved