The command processor, CMD.EXE automatically defines the CD environment variable. Open a CMD.EXE window and type CD /D "%UserProfile%\My Documents" and press Enter. Then type @echo %CD% and press Enter to display the current directory.

If you wanted to go to the parent folder, type CD .. and press Enter.

If you wanted to script a process that displays the current directory, and each higher parent folder, until the root of the current drive is displayed, you could use the following script:

@echo off                              :loop                              @echo %cd%                              if "%CD:~3,1%" EQU "" goto finish                              cd ..                              goto loop                              :finish
If I open a CMD.EXE window and set the current directory using CD /D "%UserProfile%\My Documents", and then run a batch file that contains the above script, the following is displayed:
C:\Documents and Settings\Jerry\My Documents                              C:\Documents and Settings\Jerry                              C:\Documents and Settings                              C:\
NOTE: See How can I extract the last sub-folder from a fully qualified fold path?.