When you configure Outlook Express to access your MSN Hotmail account, attempts to send and/or receive e-mail, or try to download your Hotmail folder, you receive:

Unknown Error

When you press Details, you see:

HTTPMAIL: 10:09:18 \[rx\]

HTTP/1.1 402 Access to Hotmail via Outlook & Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at http://upgrade.msn.com

NOTE: If you are running Windows XP SP2, you receive:

Could not connect to Hotmail as username@hotmail.com.

Hotmail no longer allows email access via Outlook Express for free Hotmail/MSN accounts.

This behavior occurs because MSN Hotmail no longer supports DAV (Distributed Authoring and Versioning) for free user accounts, and Outlook Express uses the DAV interface to connect to Hotmail.

NOTE: If you connected to your free MSN Hotmail account with Outlook Express, or Outlook, before DAV support ended, you may NOT currently experience any problems, BUT Outlook Express will eventually cease to function with your free MSN Hotmail account.

To continue to use Outlook Express to access your MSN Hotmail account, you must have an MSN subscription.