If you open a CMD.EXE window, and type RMTShare \\ServerName\ShareName, like rmtshare \\jsi001\Users, you receive a display similar to:

Share name        \\jsi001\Users                              Path              D:\Users                              Remark                              Maximum users     No limit                              Users             7                              Permissions:                                      \Everyone  :  FULL CONTROL                              The command completed successfully.
To extract the number of users in a batch file, use:
for /f "Tokens=1,2" %%t in ('RMTShare \\ServerName\ShareName^|FIND "Users"') do (                               if "%%t" EQU "Users" set /a conusers=1000000%%u%%1000000                              )
In this example, the conusers numeric environment variable will be set to 7.

NOTE: The exact case of Users is required.